Collaboration with sustainable charities

Retulp is a social enterprise with the goal of reducing litter and fighting the plastic soup. We want to set a good example, create awareness and encourage recycling. We do this by bringing hip, handy and reusable products on the market as an alternative to disposable plastic products. With the proceeds of our products we support charities.

In doing so, Retulp seeks to partner with sustainable charities that we can support with the sale of our drink and lunchware to make the world a nicer and cleaner place. Below is an overview of the main charities we work with.

Retulp is a partner of


The World Wildlife Fund or WWF once began as a protector of animals like the panda. They now face a much greater challenge. Climate change and loss of nature are affecting all life on earth today. That's why WWF is on a mission: to make the world "Nature Positive. And Retulp would like to support WWF in this.

WWF is in the middle of the field to protect and restore nature. From Limburg rivers to the Amazon rainforest, from Caribbean coral to African wildlife. Hands on and with their feet in the mud: doing is their credo. They enter into partnerships with local organizations and get people, businesses and governments moving together.

To this end, WWF-NL works with a multi-year strategy to properly protect nature in the long term. With our products, we want to support WWF in this strategy. You can find our bottles in the WWF webshop.

Made Blue

Clean drinking water for everyone. That's the mission of Made Blue. And we couldn't agree more! Because right now there are still more than 700 million people in the world who have no access to clean drinking water. Women and children in particular spend a lot of time collecting water that is often contaminated as well. They then cannot get to work or school and are thus caught in a poverty trap.

Lack of water is not the only problem. An estimated 485,000 people die each year due to contaminated drinking water and poor sanitation. That's more than 1,300 people a day and especially children.

Made Blue is committed to those areas where there is much permanent water scarcity and looks at ways in which they can make a lasting impact. This involves not only realizing water pumps, but also investing in educating local residents so that they themselves can contribute to the maintenance of the water points.

This involves working as sustainably as possible. The water points realized by Made Blue also prevent people from buying water in plastic bottles, so this in turn saves the amount of plastic waste that ends up in the environment.

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