Retulp 's flagship product is the new Big Mug. A double-walled, vacuum insulated stainless steel food container with screw top and a large opening, making it easy to fill and clean. This stylish lunch pod is ideal for carrying your salads, soup, yogurt, smoothies or tea at temperature.

  • BPA-free drinking bottle made of stainless steel
  • Fast delivery time, 8 to 10 working days
  • Personalizable in a variety of ways


If you choose a stylish lunch pod from Retulp then you know you are choosing quality. All products in our range are all of excellent quality and can be used over and over again. Find out which product best suits your business, and create your design! Prices depend mainly on the number of bottles you want to print and the type of printing you want. We work with all in prices, so the prices below include printing, setup costs, transport costs and charity donations. Therefore, with us you know exactly where you stand with no unexpected additional costs!

Printable from 20 pieces upwards.

The guide price at 40 pieces €28.00 excluding VAT.

Printable from 48 pieces.

The guide price at 96 pieces €20.50 excluding VAT.

Make someone happy with a stylish lunch pod with your own imprint

Step 1


Select the bottle or thermos cup you want to print on.

Step 2


Send your vector file* (eps or ai) and within a day you will receive 2 different digital proofs.

your logo goes here

* There are 3 printing options:
Laser engraving front, max.-size 3×6 cm
Laser engraving cap, max. size ø7 cm
Pad printing, max size 3×7 cm

Step 3


Production starts after you approve the print and quote/invoice. Production time is maximum 2 weeks.

Different printing methods

Personalize your bottle by choosing one of several printing methods. Want to print only the front of your bottle? You can have this done in up to 3 printing colors. If you want your logo or artwork in 1 color and/or larger on the bottles, you can have the bottle printed all but 1 cm around by screen printing. Are you looking for something special? With a full color imprint you have the possibility to print all around. The number of printing colors is unlimited and even photos are possible. Still prefer something subtle with a chic look? Then choose laser engraving for a luxurious finish.

stylish lunch pod

Pad printing

This printing method is best suited for printing detailed logos. A logo with pad printing is placed on a rectangular area on one side of the bottle.

✓ Ideal for detailed printing

✓ Clean lines and possible in several colors

stylish lunch pod


Laser engraving is a durable and stylish way to personalize your bottles. The laser removes the color coating from the bottle, allowing the stainless steel to stand out beautifully.

✓ Stylish finish

✓ Highly wear-resistant

Fast delivery time

Durable material

Your own message

Competitively priced

Big Mug stylish lunch pod printing

Retulp Big Mug stainless steel thermos pods are available in 6 different colors. This double-walled 500ml stylish lunch pod has a bamboo cap and is available in Premium and Classic versions. The Premium version is powder coated, has a spoon and comes in a deluxe reusable gift box. The easy-tighten cap contains a large opening that makes the Big Mug easy to clean. Due to the insulating effect of the double-walled variant, your hot drinks will stay hot for 6 hours and cold drinks like smoothies will stay cold for 8 hours.

Food and drinks from a stainless steel bottle taste better because there is no flavor transfer between water and stainless steel. The stainless steel sustainable lunch cup logo is ideal as a giveaway or personalized gift for employees and associates. It is also perfect for city marketing purposes. For example, you can use the Big Mug for an awareness campaign, link it to major (sports) events or use it as an ecologically responsible end-of-year gift.

  • Timeless design in 6 beautiful different colors
  • Tough BPA-free food container made of brushed stainless steel
  • With logo / own text possible from 20 pieces within 2 weeks
  • Environmentally friendly alternative to disposable packaging
  • Each cup ensures that 1,000 times its content of drinking water is donated to developing countries
stylish lunch pod

Stylish lunch pod for on the go or at work

The Retulp Big Mug is ideal for carrying, for example, salads, soup or yogurt with fruit. Also definitely suitable for a large cup of coffee or tea. This stylish lunch pod is not only beautiful and functional, but it is also a thermos cup with a good story:

  1. For yourself: a hip and handy lunch pod you can be seen with
  2. For another: this cup provides 500 liters of clean drinking water for people in developing countries.
  3. For the Planet: together with WWF, we are reducing plastic waste in the oceans.

Choose below from the Big Mug Premium with spoon, powder coated and in a nice reusable gift box! Or the Big Mug Basic which is equally good quality but has a simpler packaging, normal coating and no extra spoon.

Gift tip!

Retulp Lunch Pod + DoenKado gift certificate

Combine a practical Retulp Big Mug with a DoenKado gift certificate for an experience of your choice! It is possible to personalize the food containers with your own logo or imprint.

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