Food wraps

Fold your sandwich in durable fabric — not plastic.

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Food wraps

Do you still carry your sandwiches in a plastic bag? In order to realize a waste-free society, the step towards reusable food wraps is necessary. Waste is mainly caused by the fact that we like to take food and drinks with us on the road, but use disposable plastic for transport. This needs to change. Our answer to plastic sandwich bags? Durable food wraps.

Our food wraps

It may take some time getting used to carrying your sandwiches or snacks in a cotton wrap. But once you embrace it, you’ll never want anything else. The food wraps are made of 100% sustainable cotton and are available in two different sets. For example, choose the Foldable variant that you can fold as you want, or opt for the Bags set and slide your sandwich into the convenient pre-formed wrap. You can easily wash the food wraps in the washing machine and use them again and again!

Eco Lunch Wrap Bags set

Our Lunch Wrap Bags set consists of pre-folded lunch wraps that are ideal for quick on the go lunches.

Eco Lunch Wrap Foldable set

The Lunch Wrap Foldable set can be folded as you wish and is therefore suitable for any kind of snack or sandwich.

No excuse for single use

In addition, we plant a tree with every lunch wrap we sell. In this way we give back to nature and minimize the impact of the production of our products. So say no to single-use waste and choose sustainable!


200.000.000 liters of drinking water for developing countries
200.000.000 less disposables

Let’s close the plastic tap and stick to opening more drinking water taps. Mission Indisposable, it’s possible!

Order lunch wraps

Do our lunch wraps suit your company and do you want to give them as a gift to business relations or employees? Request the price list of our products or send us a quotation request for the lunch wraps you have in mind. Do you want a personalized variant? Send us your design right away!


Let us know which food wrap you’re interested in and in what quantities you’d like to order. We’ll send you the price list shortly. Would you like to receive a digital proof of your design? Upload your logo or design in this form.

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    The convenience of lunch wraps

    Lunch wraps are the alternative to plastic sandwich bags you’ve been waiting for. They are durable, convenient and don’t look out of place at the lunch table. It might even be a conversation starter. And this is exactly what you want to achieve; making the world more aware of the need for clean choices with every lunch wrap. This starts with your choice. Do you opt for an average promotional gift? A plastic bottle that ends up in the back of the cupboard? Or for an item that really makes an impression? If you prefer the latter, the lunch wrap is exactly what you’re looking for. You can take the lunch wrap everywhere with the same ease as a plastic sandwich bag. The big difference? The lunch wrap is good for the world.

    Become a reseller of our lunch wraps

    Do you want to sell our lunch wraps in your own shop? Become a Retulp reseller! With our lunch wraps in your range, you offer customers a sustainable alternative to plastic sandwich bags. Does this fit in with your philosophy? Inquire about the possibilities as a Retulp reseller! We’re happy to partner with entrepreneurs who are just as enthusiastic about sustainability as we are. In this way we help eliminate waste from the world together.