Annually, we use an average of 520 sandwich bags per person, which we throw away after eemal use. This is a huge burden on the environment. The Retulp Lunchwraps are the sustainable and organic alternative to sandwich bags. With our handy food wrap you can start a healthy and zero waste household in no time!

  • Durable material
  • Prevents plastic waste
  • Convenient and washable


The lunch products and other products in our range are all of excellent quality and can be used over and over again. Find out which product best suits your business, and create your design!

Printable from 50 pieces upwards.

The guide price at 150 pieces โ‚ฌ8.00 excluding VAT.

Printable from 50 pieces upwards.

The guide price at 150 pieces โ‚ฌ8.00 excluding VAT.

Printable from 200 pieces upwards.

The guide price at 500 pieces โ‚ฌ5.50 excluding VAT.

Printing your food wrap in just 3 steps

No excuse for single use.

How it works

If you do not want to work on the design for a printed food wrap yourself, email the logo and your requirements to us and we will create a custom design free of charge. On our website you will find several examples. Be sure to look between them, because this way you can indicate what you like, for example, so we know better what you have in mind to make a wonderful business gift.


Select the bottle and color of the thermos or bottle.


Send your vector file* (svg, eps or ai) and receive free digital proofs.

your message on a bottle


Production after approval of print: delivery within 2 weeks.

Different printing methods

Personalize your food wrap by choosing one of the many finishing options. We can provide the wraps with a print, but also with a label with your logo (beewraps excluded). You can choose to have your logo or slogan applied to the wraps in 1 color. Are you looking for something special? Then choose a print in multiple colors!

food wrap


This printing method allows you to place your design on the front, back and even all around. Screen printing gives a beautiful result and makes maximum use of the available print area.

โœ“ Large print area

โœ“ Multiple logos for the same price

food wrap

Label with logo

With a personalized label on the lunch wrap, you add extra appeal to your gift in a durable and stylish way. The label will be stitched on the wrap.

โœ“ Stylish finish

โœ“ Highly wear-resistant

Fast delivery time

Durable material

Your own message

Competitively priced

Sustainable alternative to sandwich bags

We throw away huge amounts of aluminum foil and plastic bags every day. It's not only a waste of our money, but also bad for the environment. That's why choose a food wrap or lunch bag from Retulp. Our wraps and lunch bags are easy to wipe clean and can be washed out. They are made of very durable material, so it will last for years. The beewraps are easy to rinse clean under the tap and can then be used again after drying. All wraps fold flexibly to fit around your lunch, no matter how big or small your sandwich is. They also have the great advantage that they take up little space in your bag when you run out of lunch.

  • Made of 100% certified ร–kotex cotton and washable at 60 degrees;
  • Available in three convenient sizes, easy to close thanks to the Velcro closure and compact to take with you after use;
  • Environmentally friendly alternative to plastic sandwich bags and for every lunch wrap sold, over a kilo of plastic is collected from the rivers through Club Kakatua
food wrap

Print the Retulp lunch wrap with logo

A printed Retulp food wrap you can be seen with! Not only will you save an average of 520 sandwich bags a year by choosing a reusable alternative, but each lunch wrap sold will save you an enormous amount of plastic sandwich bags.

The lunch wraps can be printed from 50 pieces with a delivery time of two weeks. The price varies, depending on the number, from โ‚ฌ5 to โ‚ฌ10. These are all-in prices, only the VAT is added. So the price of printing the lunch wraps includes a print in 1 color, set-up costs, transport costs and handling costs.