• Without plastic smell and taste
  • Perfect for merchandise or own label
  • Low price from 500 pieces

This bottle can be completely customized to the corporate identity of your company. This way the bio water bottle really becomes your water bottle. White label without Retulp logo.

bio water bottles table tennis table

How does printing a white label bio water bottle work

The big advantage of white label printing is that only your brand can be found on the bottle. You will not find ours on it. And no other printing or decoration is needed either. So in fact you are working with an empty canvas. Whether you just want to print your logo on the water bottle or want to create a unique eye-catcher with a beautiful design and a strong message - everything is possible! You determine the look of your white label printed water bottle and are in full control of the final design.

Do you already have a design in mind for your water bottle? Or can we still help you with the design? Our design team is ready for you and knows, like no other, how to translate your vision into a beautiful design. Ask about the possibilities and let us know what we can do for you!


Have you ever heard of an organic water bottle made from sugarcane? We have it! This is your message to the world that your company, institution or sports club stands for sustainability. No one-time business gifts that end up in the back of the closet, but a gift that really helps your business relation or customer. And not only that; the world will benefit as well! The white label bio bottles contribute to the sustainability of our planet. Is your desired organic water bottle not in our assortment? Then we will gladly help you find an alternative.

Stylish design

Fast delivery time

Durable material

Fair prices

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