• Without plastic smell and taste
  • Perfect for merchandise or own label
  • Low price from 500 pieces

This bottle can be completely customized to the corporate identity of your company. This makes the bio water bottle really yours. White label without Retulp logo.

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How does printing a white label organic water bottle work

The big advantage of white label printing is that only your brand can be found on the bottle. You will not find ours on it. And no other printing or decoration is needed either. So in fact you are working with an empty canvas. Whether you just want to print your logo on the water bottle or want to create a unique eye-catcher with a beautiful design and a strong message - everything is possible! You determine the look of your white label printed water bottle and are in full control of the final design.

Do you already have a design in mind for your water bottle? Or can we still help you with the design? Our design team is ready for you and knows, like no other, how to translate your vision into a beautiful design. Ask about the possibilities and let us know what we can do for you!


Have you ever heard of an organic water bottle made from sugarcane? We have it! This is your message to the world that your company, institution or sports club stands for sustainability. No one-time business gifts that end up in the back of the closet, but a gift that really helps your business relation or customer. And not only that; the world will benefit as well! The white label bio bottles contribute to the sustainability of our planet. Is your desired organic water bottle not in our assortment? Then we will gladly help you find an alternative.

Stylish design

Fast delivery time

Durable material

Fair prices

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    What are organic water bottles made of?

    The biobased water bottle is manufactured in an environmentally friendly way and is made of at least 87% cane sugar and up to 13% regular PE plastic, which is BPA free. Less scarce fossil resources are used in production, but rather the renewable raw material sugarcane. When sugarcane grows, it absorbs a lot of CO2 and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. All processed materials are tested for food safety and comply with the latest European laws and regulations. They are also fully recyclable.

    Are bio-based bottles the best solution for the environment?

    No bio-based bottles are hardly better for the environment than regular plastic bottles. The best and easiest way to do something for the environment is to drink tap water from a refillable drinking bottle. Prevention is far better than recycling or bio materials. The mission of Retulp is to promote recycling and not to promote use of bio materials. Although, of course, bio materials do have their side benefits.

    Where are the organic water bottles made?

    The raw material comes from Brazil. The organic water bottles are produced in the Netherlands.

    Why aren't all bottles made of bio plastics?

    There is much confusion about biodegradable plastics and bioplastics. For example, Coca Cola's Plant Bottle is presented as sustainable packaging because it is 30 percent made from natural raw materials (sugar cane). Production requires less energy, but the bottles themselves are not biodegradable. Another objection is that the raw materials for bioplastics can also be used as food and the establishment of plantations can contribute to further deforestation. So for disposable packaging, bioplastics are hardly a solution. For reusable Retulp bio water bottles, it is an excellent raw material with a slightly lower environmental impact as regular plastic. If you use the bio water bottles instead of disposable PET bottles with water, you are really doing something good for the environment. In addition, the big advantage of bio water bottles is that they do not taste or smell like plastic.

    Are the bottles/bidons suitable for other beverages besides water?

    The bottles/bidons can be filled with: (cold) drinks such as fruit juices, thick juice, milk, yogurt drink, ice cubes (then it stays nice and cool) or pieces of fruit (such as a slice of lime). With dairy products, however, it is important to clean the bottle well afterwards, especially the cap. We do not recommend putting carbonated beverages in your bottle because a lot of shaking or movement can increase the pressure. In addition, with water bottles, the inside can become discolored from beverages other than water.

    What is the best way to keep my bottle/bidon clean?

    Before first use: rinse the bottle/bidon and cap(s) well in soapy water. Then wash the bottle/bidon by hand. The large opening allows easy access with a dishwashing brush. The rounded corners prevent dirt from being left behind.
    Some bottles are dishwasher safe. The label on the bottle indicates whether it is dishwasher safe. Note: Due to the coating, this can only be done at low temperatures. To keep the bottle beautiful for as long as possible, Retulp recommends washing the bottles by hand as much as possible. The cap is not dishwasher safe. You can read the best way to clean the bottle here.