Consumers:  Retulp does not sell directly to consumers. We would like to direct you to our Frequently Asked Questions on the right. Almost our entire collection is available at the following stores, among others.

Visiting address

Prins Willem Alexanderlaan 421
7311 SX Apeldoorn
The Netherlands


For more information regarding printed drinking bottles, companies can contact us via
For the sale of Retulp bottles, stores can contact
Tel: 085 – 1119526

Warehouse address

Laan van Spitsbergen 130
The Netherlands

Queastions about sponsoring

How nice that you want to tell our story! We are happy to help you with this by making Retulp bottles and thermoses available. Because we receive quite a few sponsor requests, we opt for the collaborations that really fit Retulp. Get retulp bottles sponsored, read it in our faq.

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