Our stainless steel thermos flasks can be completely personalized to your company's corporate identity. This way, the thermos with logo will really become your bottle.

  • Keeps hot for up to 6 hours and cold for 8 hours
  • Personalizable in a variety of ways
  • Fast delivery time, 8 to 10 working days

Retulp thermos drinking bottles

The thermos flasks in our range are of excellent quality. As a result, they can be used over and over again. Find out which mug or bottle best suits your business, and create your design! Go for a thermos with logo or other appealing print Prices depend mainly on the number of bottles you want to print and type of printing you want. We work with all in prices, so the prices below include printing, setup costs, transport costs and charity donations. So with us you know exactly where you stand without unexpected additional costs!

Printable from 48 pieces.

The guide price at 96 pieces €20.00 excluding VAT.

Printable from 48 pieces.

The guide price at 96 pieces €20.50 excluding VAT.

Printable from 48 pieces.

The guide price at 96 pieces €12.00 excluding VAT.

Printable from 48 pieces.

The guide price at 96 pieces €16.00 excluding VAT.

Printable from 48 pieces.

The guide price at 96 pieces €26.00 excluding VAT.

Printable from 48 pieces.

The guide price at 96 pieces €21.00 excluding VAT.

Printable from 48 pieces.

The guide price at 96 pieces €17.00 excluding VAT.

Printable from 48 pieces.

The guide price at 96 pieces €22.00 excluding VAT.

Printable from 48 pieces.

The guide price at 96 pieces €18.50 excluding VAT.

Printable from 48 pieces.

The guide price at 96 pieces €17.50 excluding VAT.

Printable from 48 pieces.

The guide price at 96 pieces €16.50 excluding VAT.

Printable from 20 pieces upwards.

The guide price at 40 pieces €28.00 excluding VAT.

Printable from 48 pieces.

The guide price at 96 pieces €20.50 excluding VAT.

No excuse for single use.

How it works

If you don't want to work on the design of a thermos with logo yourself. then email the logo and your requirements to us. We will then create a custom design of your chosen thermos with logo free of charge. On our website you will find several examples. Be sure to look between them, for example, so you can indicate what you like. This way we know better what you have in mind to make a beautiful business gift.

Print your bottle in just 3 steps


Select the bottle and color of the thermos or bottle.


Send your vector file* (svg, eps or ai) and receive free digital proofs.

your message on a bottle


Production after approval of print: delivery within 2 weeks.

Different printing methods

Personalize your bottle by choosing one of the many printing methods. Do you want to print only the front of your bottle? You can have this done in up to 3 printing colors. If you would like to have your logo or artwork printed in 1 color and/or larger, you can have the bottle printed all around except for 1 cm by means of screen printing. Do you want something special? Then you have the possibility to print all around by means of a full color print. The number of printing colors is unlimited and even photos are possible. Looking for something subtle with a chic look? Then choose laser engraving for a luxurious finish.

Printed bottles

Pad printing

This printing method is best suited for printing detailed logos. A logo with pad printing is placed on a rectangular area on one side of the bottle.

✓ Ideal for detailed printing

✓ Clean lines and possible in several colors

Printed bottles all around


This printing method allows you to place your design on the front, back and even all around. Screen printing gives a beautiful result and makes maximum use of the available print area.

✓ Large print area

✓ Multiple logos for the same price

Engraving printed bottles


Laser engraving is a durable and stylish way to personalize your bottles. The laser removes the color coating from the bottle, allowing the stainless steel to stand out beautifully.

✓ Stylish finish

✓ Highly wear-resistant

Stainless steel Urban bottles with full color imprint

Full color

With the full-color printing method, you can have photos and illustrations printed on your bottle, either all around or on one side. The bottle can be finished with a glossy coating.

✓ Seamless design

✓ Multiple logos and/or photos

Fast delivery time

Durable material

Your own message

Competitively priced

The advantages of a printed thermos

A thermos with logo is not only fun to give or get, but it is also very practical to use. Thanks to the insulating effect of the bottle, it is possible to keep all drinks hot (or cold). Thanks to the possibility of personalizing the thermos, you can show exactly what you want your brand to convey. A thermos with logo printing can be done in a variety of styles, and is available in different print runs.

More information about the thermos flask printing:

  • Available from 48 pieces with a delivery time of 1 to 2 weeks
  • Available in different colors
  • Keeps 6 hours hot and 8 hours cold
thermos with logo
Mission Indisposable 2015-2025

200,000,000 liters of drinking water donation
200,000,000 saving disposables

Retulp wants to close the plastic tap and open the drinking water tap again. Mission Indisposable, it's possible!

Are you going to get a thermos printed with a logo, quote or image? Then you are supporting our mission: we want to completely eradicate disposable plastic. By refilling your thermos, you will (unconsciously) contribute to this. In addition, Retulp is also committed to clean drinking water for those for whom this is not a matter of course. Did you know that for every Retulp bottle sold, we donate 1000 times its content to drinking water for water projects? By doing so, you as an individual are also making a difference. You can have a thermos printed with your logo, your motto or even an image! The choice is yours!

sustainable business gift practical


Looking for a practical, useful and eco-friendly business gift? Then get a thermos printed with your logo at Retulp. By getting the thermos printed, you contribute to a better environment and a healthier lifestyle. You drink more tea or water and you reuse the product. Get a thermos printed with your logo, quote or image of your choice and surprise your clients or employees.

The advantage of printing on a thermos flask

Having a thermos bottle personalized with a logo or something else at Retulp has several advantages. For example, it is possible to have the bottle printed according to your wishes. For example, choose your logo, or have a quote or image printed on a thermos for a special occasion, such as an anniversary. You can create your own design for a printed thermos bottle with us, but we are also happy to do it for you! Just let us know your wishes and ideas and we will be happy to do it for you.

Retulp thermos with logo or quote printing

When you get a thermos printed with a logo, quote or image, you obviously want it to be a great product. After all, a personalized thermos is a unique gift that allows you to make a special impression. Maybe you want to personalize a thermos with a unique quote to convey a nice message. When you give a gift, of course you want it to be of high quality. At Retulp you are assured of good quality and durable products. This will also associate your brand with a sustainable alternative to disposable plastic. This makes a printed thermos bottle more than just a business gift.

Thermos with logo or quote: a personal gift

At Retulp, we specialize in quality printing of logos, images or fun quotes on a thermos bottle, among other things. We use different printing techniques to develop your personalized product. We use vegetable-based inks, to deliver the most nature-friendly product possible. High product quality is our focus. After all, you need to present your product with pride to your customers or employees. Do you already have in mind what design you would like to have printed to personalize a thermos bottle? Then contact us and we will gladly think with you! Through our website it is also possible to request the price list.

Do you already have a design ready? Send it along with your request and we will make a digital proof for you. This way you know exactly what the thermos bottle will look like. Are you satisfied? Then we will start working on your final order.

Personalizing a thermos flask as a business gift

Increasingly, organizations are choosing a thermos with a logo or quote as a corporate gift. Why? A thermos with logo is a handy utensil that is easy to take with you on the go. This puts your company in the spotlight every time you use it! With a thermos from Retulp you can be sure that your product will actually be used. This is due to our unique designs and high print quality. You will surprise your relations with a fun and functional gift.

Print a thermos bottle at Retulp

Do you choose to print a thermos bottle at Retulp? Then you are also choosing to establish your brand in a unique way. All products from Retulp are of high quality and eco-friendly. They are also very beautiful and stylish. Check out all the other products in our webshop and choose a product that fits your brand and image. Bring your brand, mission or vision to life with a printed thermos. Do you still have questions about the how and what surrounding a thermos bottle printing? Then contact us.

Gift tip!

Retulp Tumbler + DoenKado gift certificate

Combine a practical Retulp Tumbler thermos mug with a DoenKado gift certificate for an experience of your choice! It is possible to personalize the thermos cups with your own logo or imprint.

Request the co-branding price list

Let us know which bottle you are interested in and the quantity and you will receive our clear price list. Would you like to receive a digital proof of your design? Then also upload your logo or photo file into this form.