Thermos flasks and cups

Useful on the go and ideal as a business relations or employee gift.

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Retulp thermos flasks and cups

Anyone who is often on the road knows that a good thermos flask is indispensable. Whether you want to keep your coffee or tea warm or a smoothie cold, your insulated bottle is irreplaceable during your trip. But even when you’re at work and don’t want to constantly walk to the kitchen, an insulated bottle offers a solution. The Retulp thermos flasks are suitable for all types of drinks and soups, have a long lifespan and are available in many beautiful colors. Will you soon be gifting this bottle to your business relations or employees? Discover the Retulp thermos flasks!

Our thermos flasks

Every Retulp thermos flask is made of high-quality stainless steel and has a wear-resistant character. You can be seen with these bottles! Discover the different product lines and choose one that matches the identity of your brand or shop.

Tumbler thermos

Our Tumblers are true eye-catchers. Elegant, stylish and convenient to use! Made of durable stainless steel and available in various colors – including tea strainer.

Bamboo thermos flasks

The bamboo thermos flasks in our range have a beautiful natural look that matches any eco friendly brand!

Urban thermos flasks

Our Urban thermos flasks are absolute favorites. With the robust look and carrying ring, you can take them anywhere!

Limited edition

For the real style icons we have the limited edition thermos flasks. These versions have a beautiful black and white gradient and are extra stylish.

Teal green

Big Mug lunchpods

A thermos cup that also serves as a lunch box is the Big Mug. This container is suitable for soup, tea, salads, smoothies and more!

No excuse for single use

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In addition to our fight for a cleaner environment, we are also committed to clean drinking water for everyone. For every Retulp thermos flask we sell, we donate 1000 times the content of drinking water to water projects in Africa and Indonesia through our partner MadeBlue. Every year we manage to donate more drinking water and we want to continue this trend. Based on our philosophy that you can make a difference as an individual, we continue our mission and strive for even more drinking water, a cleaner climate and satisfied customers who proudly refill their Retulp thermos every day.


200.000.000 liters of drinking water for developing countries
200.000.000 less disposables

Let’s close the plastic tap and stick to opening more drinking water taps. Mission Indisposable, it’s possible!

Order thermos flasks

Request the price list of our thermos flasks and choose a version that suits your company or store. Choose an unprinted variant or discover the possibilities of Retulp printing or engraving. Whatever you want to convey with the thermos flasks, there’s always a way to achieve it. Inquire about the possibilities and be inspired!


Let us know which bottle you’re interested in and in what quantities you’d like to order. We’ll send you the price list shortly. Would you like to receive a digital proof of your design? Upload your logo or design in this form.

    Urban single-walled drink bottle 500ml / 750mlUrban double-walled Thermos 500mlTumbler double-walled Thermos 300mlBambu double-walled Thermos 250ml / 350ml / 450mlLimited edition Fusion bottlesBio-Bidon 500ml / 750mlTravelCups 250mlLunch boxesLunch bags / Lunch wrapsBigMug 500ml double-walled ThermosBiodrup Bio drink bottle 500mlTritan 500ml MadeBlue drink bottle

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    Thermos on the road or at work

    Our thermos flasks are compact and ideal to take with you. When you are on the road, the temptation is great to buy disposable bottles along the way. But this contributes significantly to the total mountain of plastic waste that ends up in the environment. If you take a thermos flask with you, you always have the option to fill it with your favorite drinks on the go or to have it ready at home for your trip. That way you contribute to a cleaner world with every refill. And if you give the thermos as a gift, you increase this effect even more!

    Discover some specifications of our thermos flasks:

    • The Retulp thermos flasks are double-walled for an excellent temperature-insulating effect
    • The bottles are made of high-quality and partly recycled steel that has been processed as environmentally friendly as possible
    • The insulating effect of the double-walled travel mugs keeps your hot drinks hot for 6 hours and cold drinks like smoothies cold for 8 hours
    • These tastefully designed thermos cups are supplied in various beautiful colors