Sustainable spring gift packages

  • The most beautiful and durable gift to give and receive
  • Bottle quality: see reviews BOL, Simon Lévelt and WAAR
  • Sharp and clear all-in prices without additional costs
  • Water donation with every durable Retulp bottle sold

Unprinted spring gifts

✓ From 24 packages
✓ Delivery time 2 to 6 working days
✓ Starting at €12

Printed spring gifts

Blister box spring package with click and go thermos, lunch wrap and blister blossombs

✓ From 48 packages
✓ Delivery time 2 weeks
✓ Starting at €16

Sustainable seasonal gifts and corporate gifts that support charities

Spring is the season when flowers start blooming again and lambs are once again hopping in the meadow. In short, the season when everything blossoms! The perfect time to make your business associates or employees blossom with a beautiful spring gift. Be inspired by our beautiful spring gifts.


Appreciation is not necessarily in a big gift: even a small gesture does well. That is why we also offer small gift packages. In our assortment you will find various small seasonal gift packages, including flower bulbs, sunscreen and tissues. Very nice to receive but also to give. This small gesture will brighten up your staff and business relations.

Recyclable, food safe and BPA free

From 48 pieces with or without own logo

A free digital mock up within 24 hours

A REAL sustainable gift

Sharp transparent prices

Unprinted gift packages: from 24 packages with 3-day delivery time

Printed gift packages: from 48 packages with 2 weeks delivery time

Mission Indisposable 2015-2025

200,000,000 liters of drinking water donation
200,000,000 saving disposables

Retulp wants to turn off the plastic faucet and turn back on the drinking water faucet. Mission Indisposable, it's possible!


Say goodbye to the gift card or flower and give a staff a sustainable spring gift to start the new year off right. Go for a clean spring gift or would you rather personalize your spring gift: check out our range of printed packages. You can choose from various packages including the Bunny Box, Eggcelent package, Bamboo box and many more. Let us know if you would like to gift a Retulp package that is not listed or if you want a different color, for example. We are happy to think with you!

If you need help putting together a spring gift, you can do so in three different ways:

  1. Request a quote

By choosing one of the spring packages on these pages or choose the option 'create your own spring package' and indicate the desired number of packages so we can mail you a proposal. If you would like your own logo or print on the spring gifts, please indicate that.

  1. Chat or email with us

Would you like to know what the options are and have your question answered within moments? Then our chat function is the best option. Please note that this is only active during office hours. Prefer to send an e-mail? You can do so via You will usually receive an answer within a few hours. If you would like your own logo or print on the Christmas gifts, please indicate that in the email.

    Would you prefer a larger package?

    Would you rather give away a larger gift package? That is certainly possible! Retulp works with a number of partners who specialize in offering larger sustainable gift packages. Check out our partners below and feel free to contact them.