Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The collection is available through a variety of retailers; please note that not every retailer carries Retulp's full collection.

Retulp is a manufacturer and designer of the Retulp drinking and thermos bottles. Retulp has its own webshop and we are proud that our bottles and thermos mugs are available at over 150 stores. Consumers should contact the store where the product was purchased for questions, parts or returns.

Bottle Properties & Maintenance

The stainless steel bottles are made of 18/8 stainless steel (18% chromium and 8% nickel). It is an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic. This bottle are lightweight and is 100% recyclable. 18/8 stainless steel is a high quality stainless steel and is used in kitchens and hospitals because it is low maintenance, hygienic and safe for health. In addition, it does not require an internal coating as is sometimes the case with aluminum bottles. With stainless steel, there are no nasty odors or weird tastes present.

The stainless steel bottles are produced in China from as much recycled steel as possible. The manufacturers of the stainless steel bottle are carefully selected. Retulp makes every effort to have the bottles made in a safe and sustainable manner. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to have RVS bottles produced in Europe.

Stainless steel (SS) is a natural material. Due to intensive use or dropping, it is possible that the bottle dents (at the bottom). This is not a problem. You can try to dent it by using the back of a wooden spoon to push the dent back (from the inside).

It is true that the sports cap with drinking spout makes a slurping sound. This sound is caused by air entering the bottle through the cap. However, this air is necessary for the cap to work; if no air enters the bottle, it will suck vacuum and no water will come out.

The bottles can be filled with: (cold) drinks such as fruit juices, thick juice, milk, yoghurt drink, ice cubes (then it stays nice and cool) or pieces of fruit (such as a slice of lime). We do not recommend putting carbonated drinks in your bottle as a lot of shaking or movement can increase the pressure.

The following drinks/liquids cannot be placed into the stainless steel drinking bottles: hot beverages (the bottle will become hot on the outside), alcoholic or fermented beverages (pressure may build up inside the bottle), and undrinkable or flammable liquids.

As long as the leak ring of the screw cap closes properly, it is watertight. Tighten the cap properly and always wash the caps by hand and not in the dishwasher! For the caps with a drinking spout, we cannot guarantee that they will not leak. These caps may open (slightly) if the valve or spout gets caught in something. Retulp recommends that bottles with a drinking cap are transported 'upright' as much as possible.

For first use: rinse the bottle and cap(s) well in soapy water. Then wash the bottle by hand. The large opening makes it easy to reach all areas with a dishwashing brush. The rounded corners ensure that no dirt is left behind. Some bottles are dishwasher safe. The label on the bottle indicates whether it is dishwasher safe. Note: n connection with the coating, this can only be done at low temperatures. To keep the bottle beautiful as long as possible, Retulp advises to wash the bottles by hand as much as possible. The cap is not dishwasher safe. For the best way to clean the bottle read here.

No, place the bottle never in a microwave oven. The bottle can not in the freezer, but do put it in the refrigerator.

BPA is a chemical and is mainly used in plastics. There are numerous discussions in America that this substance would be in plastic and aluminum drinking bottles. With stainless steel bottles, there is no such discussion. It is made completely BPA-free (even the caps are BPA-free).

Features & Maintenance Bio water bottles

Retulp organic water bottles have been extensively tested for food safety and comply with the latest European laws and regulations in that area.

The biobased water bottle is manufactured in an environmentally friendly way and is made from a minimum of 87% cane sugar and a maximum of 13% regular PE plastic, which is BPA free. Less use is made of scarce fossil raw materials in production, but of the renewable raw material sugar cane. When sugar cane grows, it absorbs a lot of CO2 and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. All processed materials are safe for food and fully recyclable.

Previously it had the slogan "I 'm green on it" however many commented that "I m not plastic" is a better statement slogan. This is to emphasize that it is a biobased bottle to prevent single use plastic bottles. As a user of this bottle you indicate that you are against (single use) plastic.

The biggest advantage is that the organic water bottles do not smell and taste like plastic like most other regular water bottles do. In addition, the big environmental benefit is that it saves you disposable PET bottles.

No bio-based bottles are hardly better for the environment than regular plastic bottles. The best and easiest way to do something for the environment is to drink tap water from a refillable water bottle. Prevention is much better than recycling or bio materials. Retulp's mission is to promote recycling and not to promote the use of bio materials. Although, of course, bio materials do have their fringe benefits.

The raw material comes from Brazil and the Bio water bottles are produced in the Netherlands.

There is also much confusion about biodegradable plastics and bioplastics. For example, Coca Cola's Plant Bottle is presented as sustainable packaging because it is made of 30 percent natural raw materials (sugar cane). Production requires less energy, but the bottles themselves are not biodegradable. Another objection is that the raw materials for bioplastics can also be used as food and the establishment of plantations can contribute to further deforestation. So for disposable packaging, bioplastics are hardly a solution. For reusable Retulp bio bottles it is a good raw material with a slightly lower environmental impact than regular plastic. If you use the bio bottles instead of disposable PET bottles with water you are really doing something good for the environment. In addition, the big advantage of the organic water bottles is that they do not taste or smell like plastic.

Retulp water bottles have a large neck opening and are of high quality. This makes them perfect for cleaning in the dishwasher. Of course you can also wash the bottle by hand. We also advise to wash the bottle before the first use.

The bottles are suitable for all cold drinks; however, soft drinks and juices may leave their color on the inside of the water bottle. The bottles are not suitable for hot drinks and alcoholic beverages or undrinkable liquids.

As long as the leak ring of the screw cap closes properly, it is watertight. Tighten the cap securely and wash the caps by hand and preferably not in the dishwasher!

No, place the bottle never in a microwave and the bottle can not in the freezer, but do put it in the refrigerator.

BPA is a chemical and is mainly used in plastics. In America there are numerous discussions about this substance being in plastic and aluminum drinking bottles. The organic water bottles are BPA free.

Where to buy & order

Retulp has its own webshop and we are proud that our bottles and thermos mugs are available at over 150 stores. An overview of where the bottles are available can be found here.

Retulp bottles can be ordered through the consumer web shop.

Retulp's products can be ordered unprinted by Retailers at low purchase prices, but only from a minimum order of 24 pieces.

Companies can have bottles printed. The minimum order is 50 pieces. This is possible by contacting us or by designing your own bottle in our configurator.

Warranty & Returns

Last year we had no complaints about drinking bottles themselves, but it did happen occasionally that something happened to the drinking cap because it consists of several parts. A part can get lost or even damaged. Retulp provides resellers with spare parts. Is a part lost or damaged? With the spare parts in our webshop you can extend the life of your product in a sustainable way.

How annoying that there is a complaint about your Retulp drinking bottle. Retulp is only manufacturer and designer of the drinking and thermos flasks and therefore we refer you to the store where you bought your bottle with proof of purchase.

Scratches and dents from falls or normal use that do not affect the use or safety of the bottle are not eligible for warranty. We take pride in our product quality and stand behind what we make, but bottles remain utensils. So please be aware that wear and tear such as scratches may occur to the coating and imprint on your stainless steel bottle with normal use. Cleaning your bottle in a dishwasher may cause the coating to come off or the cap to fail. This has to do with the temperature of the dishwasher. For this reason we do not recommend the use of a dishwasher and it is not covered by the warranty. In addition, the use of carbonated drinks in a Retulp bottle is at your own risk. Retulp bottles have a maximum of one year warranty. This warranty will be reviewed at all times by one of Retulp's resellers or employees.

This would be hugely annoying if there is a complaint about a Retulp drinking bottle, but problems are there to be solved. Retulp is a supplier/manufacturer of drinking bottles and consumers should contact the point of sale where the drinking bottle was purchased for returns or refunds. For resellers, spare parts are available to solve problems.

Other frequently asked questions

Customized products can be ordered from Retulp with an order of 50 pieces or more.

Retulp supports the Plastic Soup Surfer, Sea First Foudation and By The Ocean We Unite projects, as well as working with Made Blue to provide clean drinking water in 3rd world countries.

As a consumer, you can help solve this problem with simple adjustments. Share your knowledge with others on how to successfully deal with plastic waste, handle waste very carefully and avoid creating unnecessary waste. Retulp tips:

  • Share what you know about the dangers of plastic waste with your friends and through your social networks. Make everyone aware that now is really the time for a serious and necessary change.
  • Never leave (plastic) garbage on the street. Plastic hardly decomposes. Once left in the environment, there is a good chance that the waste will eventually end up in the sea through rainwater, sewers and rivers.
  • Bring your own shopping bag when you go shopping.
  • Recycle plastic packaging waste by separating it and offering it to the local waste management company or municipality.
  • At the grocery store, choose the least-packaged alternative or the more recyclable package.
  • Do not use cosmetics that contain microbeads. Microbeads are microscopic pieces of plastic used in some cosmetic products such as scrubs, sunburns and shampoos. These microplastics are so small that water purification systems cannot filter them out. So the microbeads easily end up in the environment and the sea through our drainage systems. Download the Plastic Soup Foundation's 'beat the microbead' app so you can check whether the products you want to buy are safe for the environment.
  • Do not leave litter lying around, but pick it up properly. Even if you are not the one who left the plastic waste on the street. After all, together we have a responsibility for keeping the environment clean.
  • Also, visit the local market instead of the supermarket. At markets, you can buy products that are not packaged. To the market, bring your own bag.

If we are to solve the plastic crisis, we must move away from the throwaway culture. Yet companies with plastic-shine solutions are perpetuating this culture. The real solution is packaging that is refillable or reusable. Recycling, bio plastics and paper instead of plastic are false solutions.

False Solution: Recycling

Companies and governments are pounding recycling into us as THE solution. Some of the plastic waste that citizens collect separately ends up in countries like Malaysia or - even within the EU - can end up in illegal landfills. There is hardly any recycling. Since China closed its gates to waste plastic imports in 2018, the problems around recycling have been piling up. The main causes: the amount of waste plastic continues to increase, there is too little recycling capacity and there are no controls on trade. Plastic therefore overwhelmingly disappears into landfills or the environment. Just because something is recyclable doesn't mean it will be recycled. More than 90% of all produced plastic is never recycled. When plastic does get recycled, it is usually "downcycled. It is continually transformed into a lower quality product until it ends up in an incinerator.

So what should be done?

The underlying problem is our disposable culture. We use a plastic package for a few seconds, when it is made to last for hundreds of years. If we really want to solve this problem, we need to start looking differently at how we deliver and use products. Companies play a crucial role in this. They keep the disposable culture going by relying on the above-mentioned false solutions. While the real solution is at hand; packaging that is refillable or reusable.

False Solution: Paper

McDonalds replacing its plastic straws with paper straws, clothing stores giving you a paper bag instead of a plastic bag; more and more companies are replacing their disposable plastic products with paper. There is not nearly enough recycled paper to meet the enormous demand. And so a huge amount of forest is cut down worldwide for the production of packaging, tissues and toilet paper. If companies start replacing their plastic packaging with paper, the pressure on our forests will increase even more.

So what should be done?

The underlying problem is our disposable culture. We use a plastic package for a few seconds, when it is made to last for hundreds of years. If we really want to solve this problem, we need to start looking differently at how we deliver and use products. Companies play a crucial role in this. They keep the disposable culture going by relying on the above-mentioned false solutions. While the real solution is at hand; packaging that is refillable or reusable.

False Solution: Bioplastic

Think of the crinkly bags around organic peppers that say it's compostable, or Coca-Cola's "plant bottle. But what exactly is bioplastic? Bioplastics are plastics made from natural raw materials, such as corn, while 'regular' plastic is made from oil. And some of those bioplastics are compostable. But even compostable bioplastics only break down under the right (industrial) conditions. In nature, bioplastics behave just like 'regular plastic'. A turtle chokes on it just the same.

So what should be done?

The underlying problem is our disposable culture. We use a plastic package for a few seconds, when it is made to last for hundreds of years. If we really want to solve this problem, we need to start looking differently at how we deliver and use products. Companies play a crucial role in this. They keep the disposable culture going by relying on the above-mentioned false solutions. While the real solution is at hand; packaging that is refillable or reusable.

Sponsorship Retulp

How nice that you want to continue telling our story! We would like to help you with this by making Retulp bottles and thermos mugs available. Because we receive quite some requests for sponsorship, we choose for the collaborations that really fit Retulp. We only choose the requests that bring us closer to our mission of reducing disposable plastic.

Please note that Retulp is still only a (growing) start-up so we can only sponsor an occasional project and at most 10 - 50 Retulp bottles or thermos cups. In fact, we already have a number of regular initiatives (water donation developing countries and environmental causes) to which we give our support on a structural basis. To determine what are suitable activities for our sponsorship, we look at two things:

  1. Does this activity contribute to our mission against disposable plastic?
  2. Retulp mainly targets businesses, is the target audience we reach business-like and broad enough?

Are you sure you meet our requirements for sponsorship and would you like to submit a sponsorship request? Please send an email with sufficient information (event, purpose, date, target group) to:, and mention the number of bottles you would like to receive from us. We will respond within a week. Please also indicate what media attention you can give us in return, for example:

  • Advertising space in online publications;
  • Advertising space, logo listing or a banner on the website;
  • Social media coverage, including images and a tagged page;
  • Nice inspiring blog post with outreach and mention of sponsorship.

Stores and other business customers

See contact form or send an email to so we can send our product overview and prices.

Should your customer discover a defect in one of our drinking bottles, it will be about a drinking cap. It could be that the consumer drops the bottle and the drinking cap breaks, or they lose a part of the drinking cap, or there is a production defect in the drinking cap. As a store, you can give the consumer a free alternative cap. If you do not have one in stock, the best thing you can do is collect a cap from another bottle. The next time you order from Retulp, we will send you a new (free) drink cap.

Customized products can be ordered from Retulp starting at 50 pieces and the delivery time is about 2 weeks.

Printed bottles with your own logo

Prices depend on quantities, type of bottle and type of printing.
The all-in prices vary between € 4 and € 20 each. If you are interested in a minimum of 48 printed bottles, please feel free to ask us for the extensive price list. Retulp works with all-in prices so there are no unexpected additional costs.

The startup costs for printing bottles are very high therefore the minimum quantity is 48. The scales are per 50 or 48 pieces because the bottles are packed in those numbers. We are currently working to also be able to print smaller quantities at a reasonable price. Through our partner the bottles can already be engraved with a name or logo.

However, this is very rarely done because the cost of making a printed sample is comparatively very high. The (printing) machines that we use are made for larger quantities so that the adjustment costs are high. Logically, the costs for small numbers are also higher than for large numbers. If you would like a printed sample, the costs are between €150 & €200 ex VAT each. The costs depend on the bottle, printing technique and especially the number of printing colors. We always make a digital proof in advance, which is sufficient in most cases and gives a good idea of the final result.

You certainly can. We can provide samples of Retulp bottles free of charge. This can only be done per 3 or 5 bottles and works as follows:

  • Please indicate which bottle(s) you prefer and whether you want to receive 3 or 5 bottles. We will send you 3 or 5 bottles that are most relevant to you.
  • If you return them, we will not charge you anything (return shipping costs are at your own expense if no order is placed).
  • If you order more than 200 printed bottles, we will not charge for them and you can keep them
  • If you do not order or order less than 200 printed bottles and want to keep them we will charge for a package of 3 bottles € 34.50 or 5 bottles € 47.50

Most companies choose 1 color printing or laser engraving because it is cheaper but also because it is more stylish. A full color logo is nice to see from the giver (company) but the recipient who will use the bottle on a daily basis generally likes it better with a modest stylish print on his bottle.

Yes, if you email us a vector file (usually EPS or ai file) we will email you a free mock up within a day. If you then wish to make any changes we will send you another free revised digital mock up. If there are any additional adjustments required after that we will charge € 45 for it unless the order volume is above 192 pieces.

The average delivery time is 8 to 9 working days. The delivery time starts from the moment that approval is given on the last proof, order confirmation and when the invoice is paid. Exceptions in terms of payment in consultation.

Yes, you will receive them (usually) one day before the bottles are delivered. The bottles are always sent directly from our printing office or engraving studio. We receive a track & trace of this on the day of shipment and forward it to the customer. We cannot give an exact delivery date in advance, the average delivery time is 8 to 9 working days.

(Most) Retulp bottles are already individually packaged in a cardboard box with information about Retulp, the bottle and our mission. With Private Label it is no problem to design and produce your own packaging. This concerns quantities of 1000+ bottles whereby the packaging is manufactured directly at the factory and is then used instead of 'our' boxes. The delivery time with Private Label is about 5 months. We do have contact with companies in the packaging industry so if you really want your own packaging and it is not about 1000+ bottles but about 500+ bottles, we can always look at the possibilities and costs.

The Retulp bottles as shown in the brochure and on the website are already in stock in the Netherlands in certain colors. It is not possible to get the whole bottle in your own PMS color. Printing the (company) logo in your own PMS is of course always possible. It is also possible to make the Retulp bottles in your own PMS color at Private Label. This involves a number of 1000+ bottles whereby the bottle is produced directly at the factory and the PMS color is used instead of 'our' colors. The delivery time for Private Label is about 5 months. Through a foreign partner we can possibly make a different model stainless steel bottle in your own PMS color from 200 pieces and 10 days delivery time. Ask the custom team at

You can do that from 1000 pieces. We call this Private Label. This actually consists of two parts. One is customizing the well-known Retulp bottles. This means that the models we sell are central, but that you can indicate the PMS color of the bottle, make your own packaging, add leaflets or hangtags, apply your own printing or engraving, etc. All this for a competitive price but with a delivery time of about 5 months. The other option is to go for a totally different bottle. The standard bottles we have in our assortment are only a fraction of all the bottles we can have made. So, have you seen a bottle somewhere that you would like to customize or do you have your own design in mind? Let us know via

The cap cannot be printed. The caps already have our Retulp logo in the shape of the 2 water drops. However, it is possible to place a solid high-quality domed sticker with your artwork and/or logo on it. The advantage of this doming sticker is that the artwork for this sticker can be done in full color. No extra costs for multiple colors. Mail us for the right additional prices, if you want to combine this with a print/engraving on the bottle. If you only want a doming on the cap and don't want to print on the bottle you can use the prices as in the pricelist.

Standard the Retulp bottles already contain a small flyer with information about Retulp and the mission. With a minimum order of 200 pieces it is possible to add a flyer at an additional cost of € 0.45 per piece. We can take care of this by outsourcing to a social work place for an additional cost. Of course another possibility is to put the flyers in the bottles yourself after receiving them.

Yes we can. We call that White Label and on those products there will be no further Retulp to see. We can supply many sustainable eco business gifts starting from 500 pieces so don't be afraid to ask us.

Yes we also have Lunchboxes, Foodcontainers and Lunchbags / Lunchwraps in the range. More information can be found on the website or can be requested at:

This is not a problem as long as they are full boxes and the color of the imprint does not change either. Example: 50x Black, 50x Green, 50x Blue & 50x Red Urbans with a white print is possible. If you would like 36 white ones as well, the printing color will have to be changed as well since white on white is not really visible. We do have to charge extra when there is a color change.

Yes this is possible through laser engraving or full color print at about € 2.50 per piece extra cost. It is necessary to provide the names in an Excel list. You can also specify the desired font. The names can be engraved with a maximum width of 3cm and can only be printed when the entire print is done by digital print.

This is possible from 200 pieces and additional cost of approximately € 1.50 per piece and we always want to think along. The higher the order, the greater the chance that this will succeed.

Yes, this is possible using a new digital printing method. Besides photos, logos consisting of multiple colors can also be printed. It is possible to print the bottle all the way around. To make the print even more elegant and durable, it is even possible to apply a glossy layer over it. The additional cost for this technique is € 2 per bottle.

The black and white Fusion bottles are limited edition and we have had a large quantity produced in 4 different models so we are offering these new Fusions at a lower price.

The prices listed are fixed prices and we can only give a discount if you help in a fun active way to spread our mission indisposable online. So if you have a nice idea about this let us know. And charities / foundations we can also help in many cases with reduced purchase prices.

We donate 1000 times the content per Retulp bottle to drinking water in developing countries. Example for the (small) Urban drinking bottle: Contents 500ml (0.5 liters) x 1000 = 500 liters per bottle. So when you order 200 of these Retulp bottles, you already donate (500×200)= 100.000 liters of water.

There are many different calculations in circulation that calculate the average number of bottles of water consumed per person. The number we calculate with is 166. So when you buy 1 bottle you already save 166 disposables. When you order 200 of our Retulp bottles you already save (166×200)= 33.200 disposables.

Every customer who orders a minimum of 200 bottles from us can receive a certificate from us stating how much disposables you as a company have saved and how much water you have donated to developing countries. We can make the certificate for free on request and send it as a PDF file. Nice to communicate both internally and externally.

Stores contribute by selling Retulp bottles and thermos cups. And companies help by ordering and giving away Retulp bottles with their logo. We automatically donate 1000x the content of the ordered bottle, through MadeBlue, to developing countries. You as a company provide an alternative for disposable bottles through the Retulp bottles. We also use the hashtag MissionIndisposable #MissionIndisposable in our (online) communications. The more companies start using this and link the Retulp bottles to it through a post / photo, the better known it will be!

Features & maintenance of cooler bags

Our cooler bags are made of sustainable, recycled or high quality material. In the Netherlands we use together about 3 billion plastic bags every year. A portion ends up in the trash and another part becomes litter. A sturdy cooler bag so the environmentally friendly alternative to plastic shopper bags. Unlike the plastic shoppers, the Retulp cooler bags also keep your groceries well cool.

The refrigerator bags are made in China in certified factories. The fridgebag are made from recycled refrigerators. This is recycled and converted to RPP fabric. The Mission Edition cooler bags are made of high quality twill nylon. Strong material which makes it very durable because it can last for years.

The most durable option is to have the bag or stitched by a sewing shop. With a few stitches, you can probably make the cooler bag again.

Of course, the cooler bags keep very good cold in the summer. But since they are insulated bags they can also keep your food warm in the winter. In addition, we have several models in stock that are good to use on the go. Like the bicycle bag, backpack and shopper.

We do not recommend putting the cooler bags in the washing machine and dryer. Since the cooler bags is made of several materials, it is better not to wash it in the washing machine at a high temperature. In addition, it is also not good for the environment. The best way is to take a damp dishcloth and wipe the cooler bag with a little soap.

Hello there!

Retulp has its own webshop and we are proud that our bottles, lunch products and bags are available at over 150 stores. An overview of where the bottles are available can be found here.

Retulp cooler bags can be ordered from the consumer web shop.

Retulp's products can be ordered unprinted by Retailers at low purchase prices, but only from a minimum order of 24 pieces.

Companies can have cooler bags printed. The minimum order is 50 pieces. This is possible by contacting us.