Bio sports bottles

Sustainable water bottles made from sugar cane.

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Maak indruk met onze prachtige bio bidons. Niet alleen mooi maar ook nog eens goed voor het milieu. De bidons zijn gemaakt van bioplastic gebaseerd op suikerriet en vervangen daarmee duizenden PET-flessen. Bekijk snel alle mogelijkheden!

Retulp bio sport bottles

At Retulp, we’re not into plastic extracted from scarce and polluting raw materials. To battle this trend, we’ve created an alternative: bioplastic! Our bio bottles are made from the sustainable raw material sugar cane, making them 100% recyclable. This organic water bottle is our answer to plastic sports bottles that regularly end up in nature. The water bottles fit a healthy lifestyle while at the same time contribute to a better environment. There’s still much to be gained in raising awareness surrounding the problem of plastic waste – but with this bio bottle we’re taking a step in the right direction! 

No excuse for single use


200.000.000 liters of drinking water for developing countries
200.000.000 less disposables

Let’s close the plastic tap and stick to opening more drinking water taps. Mission Indisposable, it’s possible!

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Does the bio sports bottle match what you want to radiate as a company? Request the price list below! Let us know how many water bottles you’re interested in and whether you would like to have them printed with your design. If you have any questions, you can always contact our customer service; we’re happy to tell you more!


Let us know which bottle you’re interested in and in what quantities you’d like to order. We’ll send you the price list shortly. Would you like to receive a digital proof of your design? Upload your logo or design in this form.

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    From sugar cane waste to bio bottles

    Traditionally, plastic for packaging and bottles is made from petroleum. To make plastic, companies purify petroleum into naphtha and process it into ethylene. A complex process that is above all extremely harmful to the environment. The production of petroleum and its processing into plastic costs a lot of energy, produces tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) and thus contributes to environmental pollution. Our answer to this production is bio-based plastic made from sugar cane.

    By choosing a natural raw material that is both renewable and absorbs CO2 during the growing process, we minimize the emissions and pollution of the production and use of the sports bottles. Although the water bottles have the same quality as traditional plastic water bottles, they are a lot better for the world!

    Become an ambassador of sustainability

    A water bottle is not just a practical item, it can also contribute to increasing your brand awareness. Choose to print bottles with your logo or create a design with an attractive quote. Whatever you decide, we deliver. What suits your brand? Create your own design or let us help you draw up the perfect print for your sustainable sports or water bottles. The choice is yours.

    Our bio bottles are also suitable for entrepreneurs with a webshop or physical store. Does your range mainly consist of eco gifts or do you want to make your product range more sustainable and are you looking for a nice addition to your collection? Then consider becoming a reseller of the Retulp bio bottles or other sustainable products. This is how you become a real ambassador of sustainability!

    The benefits of Retulp bio sports bottles

    In addition to the stylish design and ease of use, the following benefits apply to our sports bottles:

    • BPA-free
    • 100% recyclable
    • Can be personalized all around
    • Available in sizes 500 ml and 750 ml
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Made from sustainable raw materials
    • No plastic taste or smell

    Order your water bottles at Retulp

    Do you get excited about products that replace plastic in a conscious and qualitative way? Then our bio water bottles are perfect for you! Printed as a promotional gift or as a showpiece in your store; everything is possible!

    For questions about the bio water bottles or the other products in our range, you can always contact us. Tell us what you’re looking for and we will gladly think along with you.