Good Giving - The future of corporate gifts is disposable free

Vision of Retulp:

We are committed to developing environmentally friendly solutions for our planet and future generations. At a time when overconsumption has become the norm, we are committed to "consuming.

By adapting our business model, we aim to restore balance to our world. We do this by providing a platform where companies and foundations can find each other in offering truly sustainable corporate gifts and experiences.

The current production of waste has reached unprecedented levels, resulting in significant environmental pollution and the waste of valuable resources. The disposable culture and overconsumption must be stopped. Our goal is to break this trend within the corporate gift industry. In the Netherlands alone, companies annually give away over 90 million items as business gifts, many of which end up going unused. We believe this can - and should - be done differently, better and more fun.

The future of corporate gifts = sustainable experiences

Connection with each other comes from gift giving. A little extra. The gesture that says "I-give-and-to-you. By 2023, there will be a market of more than €637 million in the Netherlands in which companies connect through corporate gifts. This ranges from corporate clothing to pens with logos or slogans. An industry where there are countless solutions for making that valuable connection. But, as in all other markets, there is the problem of contamination and a disposable mentality.