• Stylish high-quality double-walled bottles
  • Perfect for merchandise or own label
  • Low price from 250 pieces

The white label thermos bottles contain no logos and can be printed entirely with your own logo and prints starting at 250 pieces.


Are you choosing to have the thermos flask from the white label collection printed? Then you can show that as a company you stand for a more sustainable world. Are you currently working on corporate social responsibility or are you planning to take steps in this direction? Choose from one of our white label thermos flasks and customize it with your own logo.

With a durable thermos flask you ensure that beverages remain glowing hot or ice cold. Because let's face it, coffee is naturally at its tastiest when it can be drunk hot. A thermos flask also minimizes the use of plastic. You can simply wash the bottle and use it again. Make your employees, consumers or business associates happy with such a convenient and environmentally friendly gift!

Bamboo cup rotary cap

Elegant large stainless steel Thermos Cup 500ml with real bamboo. With twist-off cap and packed in a beautiful gift box: printed approx. € 13.

XL Design Thermos

Large 800ml thermos with double wall and copper vacuum insulation for extra issolation. Printed approx €16.

Full color thermos flask

Double-walled stainless steel drinking bottle 500ml, available in all colors (also your own PMS)! Full color printing all around: approx. € 11.

XL Thermos flask

Large 650ml thermos flask, with extra copper vacuum insulation. Packaged in a nice gift box: printed approx. € 13.

Classic Thermos

Classic 500 ml stainless steel thermo bottle in with matte coating. With handy cap that can be used as a drinking cup: printed approx. € 9.

Handy Drinking Cup

330 ml thermo in stainless steel with handy drinking button. In 8 colors and nice box: printed approx. € 9.

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    Are Retulp 's products BPA free?

    BPA is a chemical and is mainly used in plastics. There are numerous discussions in America about this substance being in plastic and aluminum drinking bottles. With stainless steel products from Retulp, there is no such discussion. These are made completely BPA-free, the caps are BPA-free and the organic water bottle is also BPA-free.

    Why are stainless steel bottles the best solution?

    If we want to solve the plastic crisis, we must get rid of the disposable culture. Yet companies with plastic-shine solutions perpetuate this culture. The real solution is packaging that is refillable or reusable. Reclycling, Bio plastics and paper instead of plastic are sham solutions.

    What is the best way to keep my thermos bottle/cup clean?

    Before first use: rinse the thermos bottle and cap(s) well in soapy water. Then wash the bottle/cup by hand. The large opening makes it easy to reach everything with a dishwashing brush. Because of the rounded corners, no dirt is left behind.

    Some bottles are dishwasher safe. The label on the bottle will tell you if it can be put in the dishwasher. Note: Due to the coating, this can only be done at low temperatures. To keep the bottle beautiful for as long as possible, Retulp recommends washing the bottles by hand as much as possible. The cap is not dishwasher safe. You can read the best way to clean the bottle here.

    Can Retulp 's products go in the microwave or freezer?

    Retulp 's products cannot go in the microwave or freezer, but they can go in the refrigerator.

    Are the thermos flasks/cups suitable for other beverages besides water?

    The bottles/bidons can be filled with: (cold) drinks such as fruit juices, thick juice, milk, yogurt drink, ice cubes (then it stays nice and cool) or pieces of fruit (such as a slice of lime). With dairy products, however, it is important to clean the bottle well afterwards, especially the cap. We do not recommend putting carbonated drinks in your bottle because a lot of shaking or movement can increase the pressure.