Drinking bottles

Sustainable drinking bottles with stylish design.

To us, a drinking bottle is much more than just something to drink your water from. It’s an accessory, a statement or a message to your environment: I am not into plastic. And that’s exactly what we want to convey with our Retulp drinking bottles. In this way, we enable companies, organizations and brands to leave their mark on the world, without leaving a footprint.

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 Stylisch design

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In addition to our fight for a cleaner environment, we’re also committed to clean drinking water for everyone. For every Retulp drinking bottle we sell, 1000 times the content of drinking water is donated to water projects in Africa and Indonesia through our partner MadeBlue. Every year we manage to donate more drinking water and we want to continue this trend. Based on our philosophy that you can make a difference as an individual, we continue our mission and strive for even more drinking water, a cleaner climate and satisfied customers who proudly refill their Retulp drinking bottle every day.


200.000.000 liters of drinking water for developing countries
200.000.000 less disposables

Let’s close the plastic tap and stick to opening more drinking water taps. Mission Indisposable, it’s possible!

Order your Retulp drinking bottles

Are you looking for a unique promotional gift, a series of bottles for your own shop, a beautiful gift for your employees or promotional material that’s just that little bit different? Then choose Retulp drinking bottles. Request the price list and discover the advantages of our sustainable drinking bottles. Count on competitive prices, a fast delivery time and detailed printing if desired.

Let us know which bottle you’re interested in and in what quantities you’d like to order. We’ll send you the price list shortly. Would you like to receive a digital proof of your design? Upload your logo or design in this form.

    Urban single-walled drink bottle 500ml / 750mlUrban double-walled Thermos 500mlTumbler double-walled Thermos 300mlBambu double-walled Thermos 250ml / 350ml / 450mlLimited edition Fusion bottlesBio-Bidon 500ml / 750mlTravelCups 250mlLunch boxesLunch bags / Lunch wrapsBigMug 500ml double-walled ThermosBiodrup Bio drink bottle 500mlTritan 500ml MadeBlue drink bottle

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    High-quality drinking bottles from Retulp

    It’s important to us to know that our customers can count on their drinking bottles from Retulp for many years to come. That’s why we deliver quality. Whether it concerns our drinking bottles made of stainless steel or the water bottles made of sugar cane – with a Retulp drinking bottle you’re assured of quality. We also make sure that your drinking bottle is more than just a means to drink from. Thanks to the stylish and often cool designs, the drinking bottles are a real addition to, for example, a promotional gift or Christmas package for employees. In addition to being a useful thing to have, a drinking bottle can be so much more. We’re convinced that when this idea takes root in society, the overarching realization that we need to take better care of the world will grow along.

    Choose sustainable

    By choosing sustainable drinking bottles, you choose a better environment. If in addition you have your drinking bottles printed, this is your message to the world that your company, brand or institution is not into plastic. Although the choice for perishable and cheap products with your logo or message seems attractive, a sustainable gift truly sticks to mind.