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Bags are the accessories you can't live without. Stylish but above all very convenient! Yet the choice of a bag is not always so obvious. What materials is the bag made of and how is it produced? If you choose Retulp sustainable bags, then you know that this is a good thing. Honest and upcycled materials and good for the world.


The world's first cooler bag and lunch bag made from refrigerators! You may not often realize it, but a refrigerator contains a lot of plastic. If a refrigerator breaks down, a lot of plastic ends up in landfills. This is now a thing of the past, because it can be turned into beautiful cooler bags! The Fridgebag cooler bag line is the perfect example. In addition, both the lunch bag and the backpack are provided with a care label with QR code where you can see exactly the blockchain and the environmental report of these bags.


The Fridge cooler lunch bag is made of sustainable recycled material. It is the alternative to plastic sandwich bags. Handy size, durable material and easy to clean.

Specifications Fridge cooler lunchbag

Color: Cool Grey

Material: 100% RPP non-woven

Product width: 23cm

Product height: 29 cm

Product length: 14 cm

Weight: 80 grams

Content: 9 liters


The Fridge cooler backpack is the bag for a day out. It is a handy model which is just big enough for your lunch and a cold drink. Made from sustainable recycled materials, it features a handy front pocket and a bottle pocket on the side.

Fridge cooler backpack specifications.

Brand: Retulp

Color: Cool Grey

Material: 100% RPP non-woven

Product width: 17cm

Product height: 32.5 cm

Product length: 25.5 cm

Weight: 120 grams

Content: 14 liter


The Mission Edition product line was developed in collaboration with Club Kakatua, initiative of Dennis Storm. With every product sold from this line, a donation is made to the Stop the Trash project. This project ensures that plastic soup barriers are placed and cleaned in Indonesia. These barriers ensure that disposable plastic is removed from estuaries before it reaches the sea. Read more about this project here.


A trip to the beach or to the supermarket the ME cooler shopper made for this. The deep ocean color combined with silver details gives this bag a luxurious look. In addition, it is made of strong material and equipped with YKK zippers.


The Cycleup is a water-repellent bicycle bag made from upcycled materials. Easy to attach to bike rack. The inside is reinforced for extra convenience.


The Backup is a water-repellent backpack with a zipper, adjustable shoulder straps and pocket for your keys and wallet.



Brown paper lunch bag is made of 35 grams of
brown paper. The inside is equipped with aluminum lining which
keep your sandwiches well cool. This sturdy lunch bag is
an alternative to disposable plastic.


The cool paper shopper is made of 80-gram brown paper. The cooler bag has a typical American look and feel. The cooler bag is equipped with handy front pocket. Which can also be printed.


The sturdy paper backpack is made of 80 gram paper.
The inside has an aluminum lining that keeps your
food and drinks cool. The cool backpack has pockets
on the side to keep your bottle within reach.
The backpack has adjustable straps and has a practical size.


The Upline sustainable bag is made in the Netherlands from upcycled residual materials such as tarpaulin and truck tarpaulin. When making tarpaulins, not everything is used and the residual material normally ends up in the waste. A great pity, because they can be used to make beautiful sustainable bags!

The shoppers, panniers and backpacks from this line are available with your own imprint, logo and/or label from 25 pieces and have a delivery time of 4-6 weeks.

Retulp - bags - upline - shopup black front


The Shopup is a spacious bag made of strong and upcycled material and finished with inner pocket for your phone, keys or wallet.

Retulp - bags - upline - cycleup green front


The Cycleup is a water-repellent bicycle bag made from upcycled materials. Easy to attach to bike rack. The inside is reinforced for extra convenience.

Retulp - bags - upline - bagup pink front


The Backup is a water-repellent backpack with a zipper, adjustable shoulder straps and pocket for your keys and wallet.


The sustainable bags from Tireline are made from upcycled inner tubes and car belts. Many tires are worn out every year and they often end up in the garbage. These can be made into very nice bags. The bags are made by hand. The laptop bags and notebook are available from 25 pieces and have a delivery time of 4-6 weeks.

Laptop bag tire blue


The Laptop bag is made from upcycled inner tubes and the adjustable shoulder straps made from car seat belts. Suitable for a 15 inch laptop with additional pockets.


This laptop bag is made from upcycled car tires/car seat belts and is available in 3 different colors. The bag has a large main compartment and additional pockets and is suitable for a 17 inch laptop.


The notebook is made of upcycled car tires. The inside is lined with black fabric. In addition, the notebook features handmade paper and comes with pen.


With the Impactline we offer bags whose production process is fully traceable. Both the tote bags and the RPET backpacks are produced completely sustainably and carry a sustainable story. The IMPACT bag collection is a product series that makes a positive impact with particular focus on the use of water. In addition, for every bag sold, 2% of the proceeds are donated to to change lives with safe drinking water. Order the bags with your own imprint and/or logo from 250 pieces and count on a delivery time of 2 weeks.

Retulp bags IMPACT cotton bag front side


This functional recycled cotton tote bag has a 6-inch bottom for extra storage. If you choose this item, you will save 687 liters of water.

Retulp bags IMPACT rolltop backpack


A perfect size for all your essentials. This RPET rolltop backpack recycled 11.6 PET bottles and saved 6.92 liters of water.

Retulp bags IMPACT lightweight backpack


Backpack with a convenient front zippered pocket. This backpack recycled 11.5 PET bottles and saved 6.85 liters of water.

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