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Retulp durable bags

Bags are the accessories you can't live without. Stylish but above all very convenient! Yet the choice of a bag is not always so obvious. What materials is the bag made of and how is it produced? If you choose Retulp sustainable bags, then you know that this is a good thing. Honest and upcycled materials and good for the world.


The world's first cooler bag and lunch bag made from refrigerators! You may not often realize it, but a refrigerator contains a lot of plastic. If a refrigerator breaks down, a lot of plastic ends up in landfills. This is now a thing of the past, because it can be turned into beautiful cooler bags! The Fridgebag cooler bag line is the perfect example. In addition, both the lunch bag and the backpack are provided with a care label with QR code where you can see exactly the blockchain and the environmental report of these bags.

The Fridge cooler lunch bag is made from sustainable recycled material (recycled refrigerators). It is the alternative to plastic sandwich bags and paper bags. Convenient size, durable material and easy to clean.

The Fridge cooler backpack is the backpack for a day out. It is a handy model which is big enough for your lunch, a cold drink and possibly a (beach) towel. Made from sustainable recycled material (recycled refrigerators), it features a handy front pocket and has a bottle pocket on the side.


The Mission Edition product line was developed in collaboration with Club Kakatua, initiative of Dennis Storm. With every product sold from this line, a donation is made to the Stop the Trash project. This project ensures that plastic soup barriers are placed and cleaned in Indonesia. These barriers ensure that disposable plastic is removed from estuaries before it reaches the sea. Read more about this project here.

Bicycle cooler bag

With this multifunctional bike cooler bag you can go in any direction. The cooler bag is made of sturdy twill nylon material and is finished with luxurious YKK zippers.

Backpack cooler bag

The backpack cooler bag is a sturdy backpack which is very comfortable. With the adjustable shoulder straps you can adjust this backpack exactly to you.

Shopper cooler bag

The shopper cooler bag is stylish and practical. A large size cooler bag that is made of material that can take a beating.


Make a statement

With these UrbanProof bags, we ensure both preventively and afterwards that less waste ends up in the environment. This is because the panniers are made from recycled PET bottles. In addition, 5% of the proceeds will be donated to Love. Not Waste. These environmental warriors diligently clean the coasts of the Netherlands.

Sustainability in style

The bags are not only stylish and practical, but also made from recycled plastic bottles. The mission is to reduce (transport) waste through innovative design, so you can feel good about minimizing your impact on the environment. Join us on this sustainable journey.

The Rolltop Backpack: the ultimate bag for the modern and conscious wearer. With a rolled-up closure and volume to carry all your stuff. No more sore backs thanks to the comfortable padding, and you can even easily attach it to your bike. No more struggling to find your keys - with two handy front pockets, everything is within easy reach. But don't worry about your wallet, it's safe in the hidden zippered back pocket. The best thing about this bag? It's made from 47 recycled PET bottles, so you're not only choosing beautiful design, but also the planet. For the true Commuter who travels stylishly and responsibly.

  • Vario Fix bicycle hooks
  • E-Bike compatible
  • Waterproof
  • 17β€³inch laptop compartment lined
  • Easily accessible front pockets
  • Reflection on the straps of the closure
  • Concealed back pocket with zipper
  • Rain cover for back padding

No more boring backpack and upgrade to the Cargo Backpack. This modern bag not only has an authentic look, but is also super comfortable with the back padding. And for the cyclists among us, the bag is easy to attach to your bike, so you don't have to carry the weight yourself. With the lockable front pocket, you'll never have to search for your keys again, and thanks to the hidden zipper pocket on the back, you'll never have to keep an eye on your wallet."

"This is the bag for all green travelers looking for style and space for their belongings. Plus, it is made from 47 recycled PET bottles (500ML), so you are contributing to a better planet. Choose style and social responsibility with the Cargo Backpack."

  • Vario Fix bicycle hooks
  • E-Bike compatible
  • Waterproof
  • 17 "inch laptop compartment lined
  • Easily accessible front pocket
  • Reflection on the straps of the closure
  • Concealed back pocket with zipper
  • Rain cover for back padding

It's time to upgrade to contemporary The Recycled Shopper! This modern shoulder bag can be worn in a variety of ways and can also be attached to your bike. Use the long strap to go hands-free or keep it short with the short straps. Never lose your small items again with the zippered front pocket and the nice little storage pocket inside. Did you know we used 47 recycled bottles to make this bag? This material is weatherproof and durable, ready to go through the day with you.

  • Bike Hooks
  • E-Bike compatible
  • Waterproof
  • Front zippered pocket
  • Loose shoulder kick
  • Inner compartment

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