Plastic glasses printing

Enjoy drinks at a festival or party in a sustainable way! Our Tritan plastic glasses can be branded with your logo!

โœ“ Unbreakable durable plastic

โœ“ Sharply priced and manufactured in the Netherlands

โœ“ Reusable and recyclable

Reusable durable plastic GLAZEN

Retulp's plastic glasses are made of Tritan and combine the advantages of glass and plastic. They are unbreakable, therefore there is no risk of shards with sharp points. Furthermore, they are easy to clean and can therefore be used over and over again. This makes them perfect for large events, festivals and parties. They fit in any dishwasher and can be ordered in 4 different models. Find out which Retulp glass best suits your business, and create your design!

Printing your glass in just 3 steps


Select the glass model.


Send your vector file* (svg, eps or ai) and receive free digital proofs.

your message on a bottle


Production after approval of print: delivery within 2 weeks.

plastic glasses

Different printing methods

Personalize your glass by laser engraving. With this technique it is possible to apply your logo or slogan to these tritan glasses. A subtle and chic look for your event or company!

Engraving printed bottles


Laser engraving is a durable and stylish way to personalize your glasses. The laser removes the color coating from the glass making it transparent and beautiful.

โœ“ Stylish finish

โœ“ Highly wear-resistant

Fast delivery time

Durable material

Your own message

Competitively priced

Sustainable alternative

Do you choose engraved glasses from Retulp? Then you will receive your unique high-quality glasses with logo in a beautiful sustainable packaging. Moreover, you contribute to our mission: to completely eliminate disposable plastic from the world. Every Retulp glass sold brings us one step closer to this goal. By constantly refilling our glasses and abandoning plastic cups, you personally contribute to a cleaner environment and a better world. This is what we are committed to, but of course we cannot do this without your help!

plastic glasses
plastic glasses

In addition to our fight for a cleaner environment, we are also committed to clean drinking water for all. For every Retulp glass we sell, we donate 1,000 times its content in drinking water to water projects in Africa and Indonesia through our partner MadeBlue. Every year we manage to donate more drinking water and we want to continue this trend. From our philosophy that as an individual you can indeed make a difference, we continue our mission and strive for even more drinking water, a cleaner climate and satisfied customers who proudly refill their Retulp glass every day.

Mission Indisposable 2015-2025

200,000,000 liters of drinking water donation
200,000,000 saving disposables

Retulp wants to turn off the plastic faucet and turn back on the drinking water faucet. Mission Indisposable, it's possible!

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