To do something about plastic soup at the source and to reduce the number of plastic bottles used, we inspire to use an attractive reusable drinking bottle. The consumer will get rid of their habit of purchasing single-use bottles. Retulp was founded in 2014 to fulfil this mission. Take your own bottle because there is no excuse for single use! By using Retulp drinking bottles, you help ensure that the enormous mountain of plastic waste doesn’t become even bigger.

FOR YOURSELF – a fashionable, convenient and reusable bottle

The Dutch brand Retulp’s drinking bottles are made out of partially recycled stainless steel. Starting from 50 pieces, they are even available with their own logo or text. The thermoses and sports bottles have a stylish design and are available in a number of timeless colours. Contributing to a cleaner environment can be done in style. All bottles, thermoses and sports bottles are food safe and BPA free.

FOR SOMEONE ELSE – drinking water donation

When you buy a Retulp bottle, you make sure that someone else, somewhere in this world drinks with you. In 2017, Retulp donated 12 million litres of clean drinking water to people in Africa and Indonesia. In 2018, it was 14 million litres and in 2019, we are going for 19 million litres of water. The donations are invested in water projects that are executed by: Amref Flying Doctors, the Red Cross, Simavi and World Vision and this is all checked by Aqua for All.

FOR THE PLANET – no excuse for single use

Our bottles aren’t just good for you and for someone else, they are also good for the planet. The only way to combat the increasing number of disposable bottles, cups and cans, is to use your own reusable bottle. Prevention is much, much better than recycling. Our eco-friendly drinking bottles allow you to spread a sustainable message and make a clear statement in order to prevent plastic waste. Why encourage reuse: https://retulp.nl/plastic-soup/

The faces of Retulp & their Guilty Plastic Pleasures

In the Guilty Plastic Pleasures section, Retulpers confess which single-use plastics they still use when they know there is an alternative. Retulp believes in a world without single-use plastics and offers alternatives, but they are still ‘guilty’ of using indisposables sometimes. This doesn’t mean that, if you use one sustainable alternative, you have to start living without plastic entirely. Take a small step in the right direction!

What can you do to reduce plastic and fight against the plastic soup?

Support one of the great initiatives below, just like Retulp, to do something against the enormous increasing mountain of waste plastic. It is also easy to take action against single-use plastic yourself.

As a consumer, we can overcome this problem easily and efficiently. Together we can change and make a difference! We would like to share a few tips with you:

  • Share what you know about the dangers of plastic waste with your friends and through your social networks.
  • Do not buy mineral water from a bottle but drink tap water.
  • Use reusable water bottles, mugs, plates and cutlery as an alternative when having your daily coffee, tea and lunch.
  • Take your own grocery bag when you go shopping.
  • Don’t use cosmetic products that contain microbeads. Microbeads are microscopically small pieces of plastic that are used in some cosmetic products like scrubs, sunscreen and shampoo.
  • Don’t leave litter lying around, even if you’re not the one who left the plastic litter on the street.
  • Visit your local market instead of a supermarket. At markets you can buy products that are not packaged.

Ideas and inspiration about printed sustainable drinking bottles & thermoses

“Fantastic design! The bottle fits well in the hand and coffee stays warm.”

Marga LamersCompany: Van Bamboe

“The mission of Retulp is of course fantastic, and their products especially! The service of Retulp, the contact, nobody will be disappointed!”

Mirjam Horstmeier Company: Oxfam Novib

“We received a message from Retulp that together with them we have now donated 900,000 liters of water to people in need. Thanks for this great collaboration!”

Claartje VisserCompany: Mensely

“High-quality products from a company with a clear and social vision!”

Michiel van der NeutCompany: Radisson Blu Hotel Amsterdam Airport

“Super nice Dutch product with clear ambition: reducing plastic bottles and giving back drinking water. It always starts with 1 step in the right direction and I think that Retulp is making big steps. In addition, top service and quality product so I am very satisfied!”

Sabine SwinkelsCompany: Rethinking Group

“The mission of Retulp combined with the beautiful design of the bottles are a great gift for us as a company. The missions of our heroes (companies) connect and that ensures enthusiastic reactions among the recipients :-)”

Patrick, Jeron & FreekCompany: Creating Heroes

“Retulp fits well in our assortment, the themed bottle is of high quality and the look matches our company.”

Margreet MettingCompany: Wadapartja

“We sold the super nice thermos from Retulp with a nice Grasnapolsky print at the festival’s merchandise. That way our audience could drink their coffee in a sustainable way during the event and they have a super nice and sustainable memento of the festival, something that we like to be associated. The contact with Retulp went very smoothly and the product was delivered super fast.”

Mariska BerrevoetsCompany: Stichting Grasnapolsky Festivals

“For me, Retulp stands for quality, originality and sustainability.”

Lonneke van SoestCompany: Cocosoft

“Win-win situatie: het kunnen bijdragen aan mission indisposable was voor ons even zo belangrijk als onze medewerkers blij maken met een prachtig product!”

Ellis Swinkels-HendriksBedrijf: Foenix Kringloop en reintegratie

“With Retulp as part of our Christmas package for employees, we not only rewarded employees with a beautiful cup, but also – very important – contributed to clean drinking water.”

Astrid van Rooij Company: Heerlijkheid Mariënwaerdt

“The initiative of Retulp for a sustainable product and donating water to third world countries was a reason for Compagnon to purchase the product. Our experience so far has been very positive and we want to continue to purchase drinking bottles in the future.”

Marius Wiegers Company: Compagnon

“Great product. Nice personal contact, flexible and happy to think along with you.”

Rosanne WolffCompany: Franke