Durable cooler bag with
long life

Avoid disposable bags

Preventing disposable bags is obviously the most important thing. You do that by bringing your own bag / cooler bag. The idea is not to have your closet full of all kinds of reusable bags because that is almost as environmentally damaging. It is important to choose the good cooler / bag that you are going to use a lot and has a very long lifespan. If you keep in mind the things mentioned below, you will always choose the durable cooler bag that suits you well.

1 Right-sized cooler bag

  • โ†’ The first tip is to pay attention to the size of the cooler bag. Put on practical glasses and consider what occasions you want to use the durable cooler bag for. For example, do you often go to the beach right away as a group or just the two of you? Or do you want to use the cooler bag for shopping? Is it mainly for carrying your sandwiches to work? Based on questions like these, you can determine whether you want, a larger cooler bag, or a handier cooler lunch bag. Therefore, in addition to the capacity in liters, also look carefully at the shape and content displayed in cans, this helps to, properly estimate which model of bag and size best suits you.
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Mission Indisposable 2015-2025

200,000,000 liters of drinking water donation
200,000,000 saving disposables

Retulp wants to close the plastic tap and open the drinking water tap again. Mission Indisposable, it's possible!

2 Cooling capacity of the durable cooler bag

โ†’ If you are the type who wants to enjoy a nice salad on the beach, you want your salad to stay well chilled, which requires a much better insulated cooler bag than if you only want cold drinks throughout the day. All of our cooler bags feature high-quality insulating material. Which guarantees that your salad stays nice and cool.

3 Mobility of the cooler bag

โ†’ Once you know what capacity and cooling capability suits you, it's time to think about the mobility you want. Do you often bike to the beach for a day? Or do you go on foot? Depending on your choice of transportation, you can adjust the model of cooler bag. For example, if you often take your bike to the supermarket or the beach, then the cool bike bag is a real godsend. This is because it is also easy to clip onto a shopping cart. But if you have a long walk planned, the cool backpack is a better option. Tip! Also consider your transportation when choosing a cooler bag.

4 Cooling bag made of durable material

โ†’ Of course, a cooler bag is often used outdoors and must therefore withstand rough handling. It is important that the cooler bag is made of sturdy material, so it will not break down easily. When buying a cooler bag, pay attention to the choice of material. Choose a material that is sturdy so the cooler bag will last longer. If you choose a cooler bag with a zipper, make sure it is a bag with high quality zippers, because a zipper is usually the first thing that breaks on a cooler bag. YKK zippers are the best known high quality zippers on the market. With this, you immediately make the most durable choice.

5 Additional functions of the cooler bag

โ†’ Finally, you can look at the additional features of the cooler bags. Most cooler bags often have extra pockets for your phone/keys or optional carrying straps. For example, our Mission Edition cool-bike bag has extra reflectors through our logo on the side of the cooler bag. This will make you highly visible on the bike. In addition, an extra tip! look out for an extra bottle holder. This is of course an indispensable feature for a cool backpack used for hiking.

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Plastic bags under ban

As you may have noticed, free plastic bags are no longer allowed in the Netherlands. This applies to the entire retail sector but also, for example, to pharmacies, snack bar wholesalers and so on. This ban also applies to bags with a plastic lining or coating, plastic bags made from biodegradable plastic and bio-based bags. Not prohibited are bags made entirely of paper, fabric or jute to be given away for free.