BioDrup drinking bottle

Our new organic drinking bottle made of cane sugar, comfortable design and convenient to use.

  • Bio Based water bottle made sugarcane
  • Dishwasher safe and leak proof
  • BPA and toxin free

Biodrup as an innovative corporate or staff gift with your own imprint.

The Biodrup water bottle is thoughtfully designed, giving it a perfect hand placement, providing an exceptionally pleasant drinking comfort to quench your thirst. A water bottle is not only nice to have for yourself, it is also a super nice gift to give as a present. That way you have a sustainable and unique gift that someone will benefit from as well. How fun is that!

Drinking bottle for on the go or during sports

The Biodrup is made entirely of biobased HDPE. By using biobased raw material, a significant reduction in CO2 emissions is achieved compared to standard fossil raw material. The Biodrup has a capacity of 500ML, is food safe and dishwasher safe and is available in six different colors. The cap is equipped with a loop, so it cannot be lost.

Ordering BioDrup drinking cups

Request the price list of our drinking bottles and choose a version that suits your business or store. Choose an unprinted variant or discover the possibilities of Retulp printing. Whatever you want to convey with the thermos bottles, there is always a way to achieve this. Ask about the possibilities and get inspired!

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