Embrace the trend and be surprised by the lunch pod.

  • Keep your lunch warm for a long time
  • Durable stainless steel
  • Handy for going to the office or on the go

Retulp lunch pods

Do you know them already? The lunch pods. Handy containers for carrying food - both hot and cold. Ideal when you have a craving for soup for lunch or want to bring yogurt chilled. Lunch pods from Retulp are long-lasting, free of BPA and other toxins, and can be filled with your favorite food and drinks over and over again. Plus, the lunch pods are customizable with your brand or your own message. Explore the possibilities!

The durable lunch pod keeps your food or drink hot or cold for long periods of time. Ideal for traveling and replacing disposable plastic.

Our Classic and Premium lunch pods

The Big Mug Classic is a double-walled, vacuum-insulated stainless steel lunch pod. Stylish design, easy to clean and ideal for on the go.

The Big Mug Premium has all the conveniences of the Classic but comes with a spoon to take your lunch anywhere. Handy!

No excuse for single use

Lunchpod Big Mug Classic - black
Mission Indisposable 2015-2025

200,000,000 liters of drinking water donation
200,000,000 saving disposables

Retulp wants to close the plastic tap and open the drinking water tap again. Mission Indisposable, it's possible!

Order lunch pods

Would you like to order our lunch pods and give them as gifts to business associates, employees or for example members of your sports club? Choose a printed or unprinted version and determine the quantity you are interested in. We will send you the price list or provide you with a suitable quote immediately so you know where you stand. Do you want a personalized version? Then also send us your design. We provide a digital proof so you can be sure that your lunch pod will be printed as expected.

Gift tip!

Retulp Lunch Pod + DoenKado cadeaubon

Combineer een praktische Retulp Food Pod met een DoenKado cadeaubon voor een belevenis naar keuze! Het is mogelijk de voedselcontainers te personaliseren met eigen logo of opdruk.

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    A lunch pod for everyone

    You see the lunch pod appearing more and more often on the street scene. The convenience of the pod is therefore fully embraced. Fortunately, because this is the first step towards a cleaner world. The lunch pod replaces plastic bags for taking a sandwich. Moreover, it makes you incredibly creative! Every lunch is different, from hot to cold, from solid to liquid. Thanks to the many uses of a lunch pod, everyone can make use of it. This makes it very suitable as a universal business gift or promotional material.

    High quality lunch pods

    We believe it is important that everyone who chooses Retulp can enjoy our products for as long as possible. This means not only that the products are of high quality but also that they replace single-use waste time after time. In this way, we completely eliminate single-use plastic and other waste from the world. Do you contribute to this mission and do you want to show that your brand does not care about single-use waste? Then choose the lunch pods from Retulp!

    Become a reseller of our lunch pods

    Do you have your own (web)shop and are you looking for beautiful sustainable products that fit within your assortment? Our lunch pods can be purchased without printing to sell in your own shop. As a reseller of Retulp you surprise customers with beautiful products and also contribute to our mission to eliminate disposable waste. We are happy to partner with entrepreneurs who are as enthusiastic about sustainability as we are.