Thermos mugs for your lunch

To keep your salads, soup, yoghurt, smoothies or tea on temperature.

Big Mug stainless steel thermos flasks for your lunch

Our Big Mug stainless steel thermos flasks are available in various colours. Our double-walled thermos flasks have a bamboo cap and are available in 500ml.

Retulp Lunch duurzame geschenkbox Big Mug

On the road or at work

The showpiece of Retulp is the new Big Mug. A double-walled, vacuum insulated stainless steel food container with screw cap and large opening, making it easy to fill and clean. Food and drinks from a stainless steel bottle taste better because there is no transfer of flavour between water and stainless steel. The Retulp Big Mug is therefore ideal for carrying hot drinks, soup or yoghurt with fruit. Also certainly suitable for a large cup of coffee or tea. Moreover, the Big Mug comes in a beautiful reusable gift box!

  • This travel mug has a capacity of 500ml and is available in a double-walled version.
  • The easy-twist cap has a large opening that makes the bottle easy to clean.
  • These bottles are made of high-quality recycled steel that has been processed in the most environmentally-friendly way possible.
  • Due to the insulating effect of the double-walled variant, your hot drinks will stay hot for 6 hours and cold drinks such as smoothies will stay cold for 8 hours.
  • This tastefully designed thermos jug comes in a number of colour combinations.

Big Mug thermos flask for lunch as a gift

A water bottle is not only nice to have, it is also a very nice gift to give. That way, you have a sustainable and unique gift that is also useful to someone. How nice is that? Besides buying a thermos cup from us, we also offer other items such as thermos cups and lunch boxes.