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Met een broodtrommel van Retulp maak je verschil. In plaats van je brood in plastic zakjes mee te nemen, kies je voor een duurzaam alternatief. Keer op keer. Dit draagt bij aan een betere wereld en biedt ook nog eens eindeloos gemak voor jou. Bedrukt met je logo of onbedrukt in je eigen shop — de lunchboxes van Retulp maken indruk.

Lunchbox broodtrommel bamboe deksel

Retulp lunch boxes

No more plastic bags — that’s our dream. Our way to achieve this is by offering our beautiful Retulp lunch boxes. By replacing plastic bags with robust products that aren’t just practical but also stylish, we eliminate the need for disposable plastic. One lunch box replaces hundreds of plastic bags. Small effort, right? We think so too. So shop for the lunch boxes you need and contribute to this mission!

Our lunch boxes

The Retulp lunch boxes are made of sustainable material and have a beautiful bamboo lid, giving them a stylish and elegant finish. Another bonus: the lid can be used as a cutting board! In addition, all our lunch boxes are equipped with a convenient elastic band that closes the box, so that you can easily take sandwiches or salads with you. Are you really looking for something unique? Then have your logo printed on our lunch boxes and surprise relations or employees with their own sustainable lunch box!

Lunchbox Classic

This classic lunch box offers enough space to take a delicious lunch and comes with a convenient spork.

Ecobox Lunchbox

Are you looking for elegance and durability in one? Then the Ecobox is just what you need. This lunch box fits your sustainable mindset.

No excuse for single use

Retulp Lunchbox bamboe gravering

In addition to the change that our lunch boxes bring about, we try to speed up the process by planting a tree for every lunch box sold. This is our promise to nature. Based on our philosophy that you can make a difference as an individual, we continue our mission and strive for a greener, cleaner climate and satisfied customers who proudly take their Retulp lunch box on the road every day.


200.000.000 liters of drinking water for developing countries
200.000.000 less disposables

Let’s close the plastic tap and stick to opening more drinking water taps. Mission Indisposable, it’s possible!

Order lunch boxes

Would you like to have our lunch boxes printed to surprise employees or customers? Or are you looking for unique items to sell in your own shop? Fill in the contact form and let us know what we can do for you! Which lunch boxes do you prefer, would you like to have them printed and what quantities are you thinking of? Tell us and we’ll send you the price list or quotation as soon as possible.


Let us know which lunch boxes you’re interested in and in what quantities you’d like to order. We’ll send you the price list shortly. Would you like to receive a digital proof of your design? Upload your logo or design in this form.

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    High-quality lunch boxes

    Our lunch boxes are different from the rest. In addition to being stylish, they are also multifunctional. Did you know, for example, that the lid of your lunch box also serves as a cutting board? Ideal when you want to decorate your sandwich with freshly sliced tomatoes or cucumber. In this way, a lunch box is much more than just a way to transport your lunch. In addition, the spork that comes with the Lunchbox Classic offers a solution when you have prepared a salad in the morning and want to enjoy it on the go. This way the lunch box is entirely adaptable to your wishes. So surprise your employees or customers with these beautiful lunch boxes, have them printed with your own logo or sell them in your own (web)shop and contribute to a better world!

    Choose sustainable

    By choosing sustainable lunch boxes, you also choose a better environment. And if you choose to have your lunch boxes printed, this is your message to the world that your company, brand or institution is not interested in single-use plastic. Although the choice for perishable and cheap products with your logo or message seems attractive, a sustainable gift really sticks to mind.

    Do you own a shop and are you looking for products that match your philosophy? Then inquire about the possibilities of becoming a reseller! Offer our lunch boxes in your store and surprise customers with different designs, colors and materials. We’re happy to partner with entrepreneurs who are just as passionate about sustainability as we are.