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Will you help spread our sustainable mission and fight the plastic soup?

Discover affiliate partnership opportunities with Retulp

Our goal is to work with you to make the world a little greener and create more awareness. That's why we offer several affiliate packages designed specifically for influencers, bloggers and anyone who is committed to a more sustainable world. Collaborating with Retulp offers you the unique opportunity to not only inspire your followers to live a greener lifestyle, but also to enjoy the benefits that our affiliate options packages provide. In addition, Retulp is affiliated with Daisycon's affiliate network.

Sustainable Share

Social Media Post

Test and share your experience with a Retulp product of your choice on your social media channels.

For this collaboration, we are looking for influencers with at least 1,000 followers who want to spread our sustainable mission.

Bio Blogger

Blog Or Web Page

Get a package of 3 Retulp products and write a blog or page and share it on your website.

For this collaboration, we are looking for bloggers or website owners who would like to highlight our eco-friendly products.

Green Giveaway

Win Action Organizing

Organize a giveaway, promote it and receive a Retulp product for yourself and the winner.

For this collaboration, we are looking for creatives who would like to promote our sustainable products through a win promotion.

Review Reward

Post A Review

Write a review and receive a 50% discount code for any Retulp product on the web shop.

For this collaboration, we are looking for anyone with a passion for sustainability to review our reusable products.

Benefits of affiliate collaborations with Retulp

  • Contribute to a more sustainable world: Help reduce single-use plastic and inspire your audience with high-quality, sustainable products.
  • Support charities: By promoting Retulp products, you contribute to charities such as the WWF and water projects in developing countries.
  • Attractive rewards: Get free products and discount codes for you and your followers.
  • Exclusive products: As an affiliate, you get to be the first to test and promote our latest sustainable items such as reusable coffee mugs and water bottles.
  • Marketing support: Get access to marketing materials such as banners, product images and promotional texts.

Daisycon affiliate partnership

Retulp is working with Daisycon to offer an attractive affiliate program. For this program we provide various promotional materials, such as banners and text links, which you can easily use on your own website or in newsletters.

Daisycon is responsible for the registration of affiliates and ensures the accurate payment of commissions. Participation in our affiliate program is free and open to anyone interested.

  1. Sign up for free at Daisycon
  2. Choose from our promotional materials or create your own affiliate URLs
  3. Your visitors click through to Retulp via these links and place an order
  4. A special tracking code is used to track how many sales are attributed to your website. This is done automatically
  5. Daisycon pays out the commission

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