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Retulp produces drinking bottles and lunch products made of stainless steel, sugar cane and bamboo that last a lifetime. For consumers, resellers and businesses looking for sustainable products with a mission: away with disposable packaging!

Infographic Retulp Mission Indisposable
Mission Indisposable 2015-2025

Non disposable: it's possible!

Retulp was founded with one mission: to replace as many disposable products as possible with sustainable products that you can use again and again.

Replacing disposable with sustainable products

That disposable plastic is unsustainable and largely ends up in our oceans we probably don't need to tell you. But did you know that only 5% of all plastic worldwide is recycled? That's because it's often economically unprofitable and because sorting plastic is difficult. So even recyclable plastic still sometimes ends up in the ocean.

And it doesn't have to be that way! Retulp has the proof in the form of drinking bottles that are made to last: not a few months or a few years, no, forever, because the bottles are made of stainless steel, or stainless steel. From this versatile material you can make almost anything. Like, for example, drinking bottles!

Retulp therefore has a simple solution to the plastic problem: replace plastic bottles for durable stainless steel bottles and avoid some 20 million disposable bottles a year. Retulp drinking bottles use for yourself, for each other and for the planet.


By raising awareness about eco-friendly alternatives to plastic. By making the business gift sector more sustainable: Retulp offers companies the opportunity to have all products printed with a logo or personal message. And by investing in water wells in, among others, Nepal and Ethiopia, so that plastic bottles become redundant there as well.

Retulp water donation charity Made Blue

Reduce, Re-use, Retulp: for those who want to contribute to a world where everyone has access to drinking water and where the oceans are free of plastic.

Reduce - Reuse - Retulp

Retulp cooler bicycle bag

For everyone who is not made of plastic

Enough with single-use plastic contributing to the huge mountain of plastic waste. It's time for a new generation of reusable products made from sustainable and recycled materials. A sustainable drinking bottle for a sustainable relationship!

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In the shop you will find all sustainable bottles and other products from Retulp: from stainless steel drinking bottles to sugar cane water bottles. Choose your design, your favorite color and start drinking...CHEERS!

"Super nice Dutch product with clear ambition: reduce plastic bottles and give back drinking water. It always starts with 1 step in the right direction and I think Retulp is making great strides. In addition top service and quality product so I am very satisfied!"

5-star rating

Resellers: business purchasing

Add the Retulp products to your company's assortment and give your customers what they have been waiting for. The products can be fully personalized, printed with your logo or company name. See all business purchasing options.

"Retulp fits well into our assortment, the themed bottle is of high quality and the look suits our company."

5-star rating


Whether it's an end-of-year gift, Christmas gift, welcome gift, employee gift or merchandise, with a product from Retulp you're giving a meaningful gift with a clear message.

"With Retulp as part of our employee Christmas package, we not only rewarded employees with a nice cup, but also - very importantly - contributed to clean drinking water."

5-star rating

Why Retulp corporate gifts or year-end gifts?

Safe and BPA-free

All Retulp products are tested for food safety and are 100% BPA-free. With a safe and BPA-free bottle, you are assured that you are not ingesting harmful chemicals. So you can feel free to drink from your bottle every day.

Ultimate promotional gift

The ultimate sustainable business gift, with or without your own logo. Get the Retulp bottles printed with your logo or a personal message. As little as 12 pieces. Request a quote today.

Free digital proof

A free digital proof within 12 hours. You don't have to wait long in suspense to see what your printed bottle will look like: request a digital proof, and 12 hours later you'll have an answer.

All-in prices

Transparent all-in prices. Retulp likes to surprise customers with personal service and quality products, but not with extra costs. When you request a quote, you immediately get an overview of the final total cost.

Superb thermos from Retulp with a beautiful Grasnapolsky print

"We sold the super nice thermos from Retulp with a beautiful Grasnapolsky print at the merchandise of the festival. This way our audience could sustainably drink their coffee during the event and they have a super nice and sustainable souvenir of the festival, something we like to be associated with. The contact with Retulp was very smooth and the product was delivered super fast."

5-star rating

"Mission is fantastic and their products even more so! Top service, no one will be disappointed!"

5-star rating

"Quality products with a clear and social vision!"

5-star rating

"Beautiful product. Nice personal contact, flexible and happy to think with you."

5-star rating

Our Guilty Plastic Pleasures - we too are not holy

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Lunch Cup

Food pods for soup and yogurt, among other things


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Gifts with a good story.

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