Mission Indisposable 2015-2025

By 2022, we will save 20,000,000 plastic bottles and donate 20,000,000 liters of water each year! Breakdown 2015 - September 2022:


Litres of water donated

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Prevent indisposables


The plastic problem is becoming bigger every year, but the production of plastic just keeps increasing. This has severe consequences on the nature and environment. That is why we want to reduce the use of plastic and open the drinking water tap. We have set a goal for 2025: to prevent 20 million plastic single-use bottles a year and to donate 20 million litres of drinking water a year to people who need it. The covid-19 crisis meant that we just missed this. In 2021 we donated 17,452,106 liters of water and prevented 12,244,892 disposables. For 2022 we have the target of reaching 20,000,000 and we will continue ambitiously with our partners and hopefully with you too!

of water we want to donate per year

We donate 1000 times the content of a Retulp bottle in drinking water to developing countries.

drinking water donation

we want to prevent per year

If you regularly use a reusable bottle, you save on dozens of indisposables a year.

reusable bottles as an alternative to single use plastic bottles

You can't change the world on your own: that is why we want to make the Mission Indisposable possible with at least 20 companies. Shops contribute by selling Retulp bottles and thermoses. As for companies, they help by ordering and handing out Retulp bottles with their logo on them. We hope to reach the goals by the end of 2025. That will call for a huge celebration and announcement. Help us too and join the wave! They have already joined us:

fonq logo

"The Retulp products really fit Fonq's image. The beautiful and simple, but also practical design make the Retulp bottle the perfect gift for yourself or for someone else."


"At Kingcanary, we are constantly thinking about the footprint we will leave behind. Then, we found Retulp. It does not just carry a beautiful message, but it is also a really beautiful bottle."

Printed bottle of King Canary

"It is great that for every Retulp product we sell, we contribute to getting drinking water in a place where they really need it. A product with a beautiful message." Says Jeroen from FairForward.


"Dille en Kamille has been choosing the power of simplicity and timeless beauty from natural materials since 1974. We can see that clearly in the stainless steel bottles and cups that were designed for our shops together with Retulp. Since sustainability is key here at Dille & Kamille, we really support a brand like Retulp."

lagardere logo

"Bring a piece of the Netherlands home, that's what our customers like about the Retulp bottles!"

Logo Adam's ID

"With the Retulp bottles, printed with our logo, our customers save on a lot of plastic. In the restaurant, they can get a refill in their mug or bottle and that ensures our customers always come back!"

Printed bottles adam's ID
Logo Phoenix

"The reason we chose the Retulp bottles for our company Christmas gifts is that Retulp's philosophy really matches with Phoenix. We assign a lot of importance to the circular economy." says Ellis from Foenix.

Printed bottle Phoenix Apeldoorn
Logo Made Blue

"We are very happy to have Retulp as an ambassador of the clean drinking water donations. That is why we also chose to order printed bottles. It is a win-win!"

"It is nice that Retulp had bottles made with a special color and our logo on them, just for us. It is great to be able to sell such a personalized product in our shops."

Logo Mensely

"We have given our engraved Retulp bottles as a gift to our customers and colleagues. A nice gift that can hopefully help us inspire each other to be a more sustainable Mensely."

Printed bottle Mensely Black

"Hip and sustainable, who doesn't want that? That's the reason we chose Retulp Tumblers as our TOPdesk Christmas gift."

Retulp Tumbler Green 300ml Topdesk
Logo roll call

"Sustainability is an important value for Appèl. Since we try to offer alternatives to packaging whenever and wherever we can, the Retulp mugs are an asset to our organization. Also, the refill offer with this mug works really well too!"

Logo Netherlands clean

"We want all of the Netherlands to be litter-free. The Retulp bottles and mugs contribute to this, of course. That is why we thought the printed Retulp bottles would be a fitting thank you gift for our employees. We also like the fact that Retulp supports and sponsors small-scale clean-up operations."

Printed bottle Netherlands Clean campaign

"Besides the fact that the Retulp bottles look really nice in our stores, there is also a cool story behind them! With every bottle we sell at a WAAR store, Retulp drinking water donates to Made Blue. That is truly a great gift with a great story!" says Keoma from WAAR Netherlands.

Aqua Aurora logo

The water bottles from Retulp are vitalized at Aqua-Aurora and give a positive vibration frequency to the content of the water bottles and thus ensure a delicious fresh drinking water full of life energy. By using the bottles you contribute to a cleaner environment.

Aqua Aurora - Retulp

Very happy with the design!
Our motto is "WiFi is important, but we really need water".

At Interface, we're convinced a fundamental change needs to happen in our global response to climate change. We need to stop just thinking about how to limit the damage caused by climate change. Retulp has a similar mission and together we can start thinking about how to create a climate fit for life.

Why Mission Indisposable 2020?

Retulp aims to avoid single use plastic. And that is desperately needed! Fortunately, there are super handy alternatives to disposable plastics, such as a reusable water bottle. Yet 500.000 (water)bottles are thrown away every day in the Netherlands. With Mission Indisposable 2020 we want to ensure that the plastictap closes more and the drinking watertap is opened.

About Retulp

Mission Indisposable 2020 is an initiative of Retulp, in collaboration with various partners. Retulp wants to ensure that plastic waste in nature and our oceans is greatly reduced. We offer handy and reusable alternatives to single use items and provide information at schools and do awareness campaigns and clean-up campaigns.

We carry out this mission together with "The Zero Waste Project" and "MVONederland."

Also participate as a distributor of Retulp bottles or have your company print Retulp bottles. Request the free book from us: " The Zero Waste Project - A nicer life with less plastic". More information about the book:

The kick off from Mission Indisposable 2020 campaign was during the New Years meeting of MVO Nederland in The Hague. Stores and companies that order Retulp bottles can receive a free copy of this beautiful book from us.