Mission Indisposable 2015-2025

By 2022, we will save 20,000,000 plastic bottles and donate 20,000,000 liters of water each year!
Breakdown 2015 - September 2022:


Donation in liters of water

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Preventing disposables


The plastic problem is growing every year, but the production of plastic is only increasing. And that has a huge impact on nature and the environment. That is why we want to turn off the plastic tap and open up the drinking water tap again. We have set ourselves a goal for 2025: to avoid 20 million disposable plastic bottles a year and donate 20 million liters of drinking water to people who need it. Unfortunately, the corona measures (working from home, fewer events, store closures) meant that we fell just short of this. In 2021 we donated 16,152,106 liters of water and avoided 12,244,892 disposables. For 2022, we do have a goal of reaching the annual 20,000,000 and will continue to work ambitiously with our partners and hopefully with you!

20,000,000liters of

We donate 1000 times the content per Retulp bottle of drinking water to developing countries.

drinking water donation

20,000,000disposables annually

If you regularly use a reusable bottle, you will save dozens of disposables each year.

reusable bottles as an alternative to single use plastic bottles