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Retulp is designer and manufacturer of durable water bottles, thermos cups lunch boxes and bags. Most of the bottles are made of stainless steel because it is the most sustainable material. We also have a range of bio-based water bottles made from cane sugar. Retulp has its own webshop and we are proud that our products are available at over 100 stores.

Retulp supplies businesses and stores with a wide range of sustainable reusable products as an alternative to disposable bottles, pouches, cups and bags. Looking for sustainable business gifts or products to sell in your store? With our stylish designs you can contribute to a cleaner environment. Retulp is available at the following (web)stores:

Retulp BOL
Retulp WAA
Retulp Ecomondo
Simon Levelt
ekoplaza outlet
Flask - business wholesale
AVA - everything to make it
WWF - point of sale