Retulp for consumers:

Retulp is the producer and designer of Retulp drinking bottles and thermoses. Retulp does not sell directly to consumers and does not have an online store. For questions, parts or returns, consumers must contact the shop where they purchased the product.

More consumer information can be found on our frequently asked questions (FAQ) page.

Retulp drinking bottles are available at over 100 shops in the Netherlands. Our entire collection is available at these (and other) online stores:

sustainable. minimalistic. inspirational. reusable.
fonq verkooppunt
hoge ramen deventer verkooppunt

We supply drinking bottles and thermoses to shops and wholesalers under the Retulp brand name. In addition, we also offer sustainable companies the opportunity to sell custom made printed drinking bottles or private label products. Below, you will find a short video where a saleswoman shares her experience with Retulp and a fun anecdote. The second video is about the bio sports bottle where we collaborated with Bever on a fun campaign.