SUP legislation: future of office coffee drinking

Goodbye disposable cups - hello reusable cups

From Jan. 1, 2024, the Netherlands will ban single-use disposable products for on-site use. In addition, there is a requirement to offer reusable alternatives and a ban on providing plastic to-go packaging free of charge.

The main goal of the SUP directive is to reduce the environmental impact of disposable plastics (such as balloons, meal containers, beverage containers, straws, and cutlery). The directive includes a package of measures to reduce the proportion of disposable plastic in litter and in the sea (plastic soup).

One impactful measure is the obligation to pay a fee for the costs incurred by public area managers in cleaning up these SUP packages present in Dutch litter. For drinking cups and some of the moldable food packaging, concrete reduction measures have been drawn up to discourage use.

Retulp travel cup coffee durable
Retulp travel cup coffee on the go

Sustainable cup choices for businesses

Businesses can still choose disposable cups for local consumption, provided they collect 75-90% of them for high-quality recycling. For to-go consumptions, it is simply enough to encourage customers to bring their own reusable cup, in line with the "Bring Your Own" principle. Research shows that the Dutch are leaving traditional disposable cups behind and enthusiastically opting for sustainability. Retulp is proud to offer a beautiful range of reusable cups and mugs to municipalities, offices, schools, hospitality venues and events.

Office transformation: From disposable to reusable

Several offices have already made the leap to reusable coffee cups, and the enthusiasm is great. Take Heineken, for example: they already save 115,000 cups annually at a single office. This results in both a cost saving of €4,000 and a reduction in their carbon footprint. Care organization Topaz also made their sustainable switch: from 12,000 single-use cups per month to none at all. And at the Council of State? Thanks to Retulp, they have personalized Tumblers that are not only stylish, but also reduce disposable plastic.

Frequently asked questions about the new legislation

  • What do "plastic-free" labels mean? Many ostensibly cardboard cups/trays nevertheless have plastic elements. Even those with a "plastic-free" label may contain plastic. So a label does not always guarantee regulatory compliance.
  • What about bioplastic products? Cups and containers made of bioplastic are also covered by the new law. These materials are often harmful to the environment when they end up as litter.
  • Can I set a deposit for reusable cups/trays? Yes, to ensure you get reusable items back, you can set a deposit. There are also locations that use a coin system for returns.
  • Is there a transition period for using up current stocks? No. Disposable cups and containers for local use must be used up by Jan. 1, 2024.
  • I also have pickup options. What about those? For on-site pickup, local consumption rules apply. However, for items intended for consumption elsewhere, you may no longer provide free disposable cups or containers. Customers must also be able to choose a reusable option or a container they bring themselves.
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