Club Kakatua

Single-use plastic is a global problem and no where are the consequences more visible than in Asia. One of the biggest causes of this pollution is the fact that all streams and rivers eventually end up in the ocean. On its way to the ocean, the water takes all the waste that has been thrown into the rivers with it, with all the consequences that entails. We want to counter problem with our trash barriers. They function as a bridge that allows for water to flow through but at the same time stop all the waste. A medium-sized barrier can stop up to 20 tons of waste per year!

Retulp's mission is to help by funding these barriers. A medium-sized barrier costs 4500 euros to build, install and maintain for a year. Besides these barriers are cleaned weekly by local people. For every Mission Edition bottle or bag sold, Retulp will donate and support the STOP THE TRASH project by building these barriers. Our goal is to help build two barriers to clean out the rivers and reducing plastic soup.

Another part of this collaboration is research. The research is focussed on the prevention of plastic waste. The plastic waste caught is analyzed and registered. Every quarter they publish which brands they have caught the most in the waste from. From Coca Cola to Nestlé, and from Unilever to Danone. These reports provide a fantastic opportunity to put extra pressure on the multinationals responsible for this pollution. Because cleaning up is good, and it absolutely must be done, but the best we can achieve is to make sure that single-use plastic tap is finally shut off! Do you want to help speed up this process? You can make a contribution through a simple one-time donation.

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