The most beautiful printed thermoses to give as a promotional gift

“Fantastic Design! The bottle feels great to hold and the coffee stays warm.”

“A beautiful product for a fair price and that we also contribute to a better world makes it even better.”

“Retulp’s products are a beautiful embodiment of attention: the design, the message, the quality, the service. A product to be proud of!”

“Beautiful, high-quality and sustainable product.”

“A beautiful and high-quality product with a clear sustainable mission that you immediately feel and want to embrace.”

“High-quality products from a company with a clear and social vision!”

“The urban look of the Retulp Tumbler matches perfectly with the look and feel from our new brand. Moreover, the choice for Retulp fits within our sustainable focus. Hogent takes it for granted that we contribute to a better and livable world. That is why we are teaching our students and employees a sustainable reflex. Not only in class, but also outside of it. The choice for these hip, reuseable thermos made from sustainable material was therefore made quickly and was also a success.”

Printed thermoses as an ideal CSR promotional gift

“Retulp is sustainable in all it facets. They also undertake socially in their procurement of services. It was only logical to let Retulp take care of our end-year gifts.”

“A really beautiful Dutch product with a clear ambition: reducing plastic bottles and giving back drinking water. It always starts with 1 step in the right direction and I think that Retulp is taking big steps. In addition, a great service and high-quality products, so I’am very satisfied!“

“I use the Retulp Tumbler thermos flask as a promotional gift. It tells a beautiful story that I support, looks beautiful and makes sure that my customers are always confronted with me in a positive way by the printing. Incidentally, the bottles are received and used super enthusiastically! Practical, beautiful and good for people and the environment!“

“Retulp’s mission combined with the beautiful design from the bottles are an amazing gift for us as a company. The missions from our heroes (companies) connect very well together and that leads to enthusiastic responses from the recipients :-).“

Use printed bottles for merchandise sales

“Retulp fits very well in our assortment, the thermos flask is of high-quality and the look matches our company.”

“We are very happy with Retulp as a partner, because now we can sell beautiful ocean-friendly drinking bottles as well.”

“We have sold the beautiful thermoses from Retulp with a nice Grasnapolsky print at the merchandise of the festival. Our audience could drink their coffee in a sustainable way during the event and at the same time they have a wonderful and sustainable memento of the festival, something with which we like to be associated. The contact with Retulp went very smoothly and the product was delivered super fast.”

“Beautiful product. Nice personal contact, flexible and happy to think along with you.”

Printed drinking bottles as a gift for your own employees

“For me, Retulp stands for quality, originality and sustainability.”

“A gift from Retulp makes the world a litte bit better!”

“A win-win situation: being able to contribute to ‘Mission indisposable’ was just as important to us as making our employees happy with a beautiful product!”

Printed drinking bottles for donations of clean drinking water

“With Retulp as a part of our Christmas package for employees, we are not only rewarding employees with a beautiful bottle, but also – very important – contributing to clean drinking water.”

“The mission of Retulp is ofcourse fantastic, and especially their products! Retulp also has a great service and contact. Nobody will be disappointed!”

“From Retulp, we have been informed that together we have now donated 900.000 liters of water to people in need. Thanks for this great collaboration!”

“The initiative of Retulp for a sustainable product and donating water to third world countries was a reason for Compagnon to purchase the product. Our experience so far has been very positive and we want to continue purchasing drinking bottles in the future.”