Alternatives disposable cups for hospitality and festivals

In a café, at a festival or at a fast food restaurant, disposable plastic cups and meal containers are now taboo. Reusable plates and cups are now the standard. This measure aims to drastically reduce litter. Not surprisingly, beverage containers, such as coffee cups, are among the top 10 plastic products most commonly found in our litter. To address these environmental issues, Retulp has helped several caterers, festivals and hospitality companies with sustainable solutions well before the SUP legislation. From sustainable coffee cups and water bottles to reusable meal boxes, these eco-friendly alternatives are even finding application in sustainable merchandising.

Reusable coffee cups and meal boxes

From 2024, reusable tableware will become the norm for on-site consumption, with the exception of healthcare facilities and closed establishments. For on-the-go and take-out consumption, an additional charge for disposable plastic cups and meal containers will apply from July 2023, on top of the price for the coffee and meal. This will permanently ban the free provision of disposable plastic items. Simultaneously, it encourages the use of reusable alternatives. Consumers not only have access to reusable cups and meal boxes, but can also bring their own reusable cup or container.

Reusable festival cups and hardcup festival glasses

Festivals are a place where a lot of single-use material is still used, such as plastic cups and snack trays, among other disposable items such as banners and stands. An emerging sustainable festival idea is the use of reusable, rigid plastic cups. In fact, by 2024, festivals will be required to recycle and use as many reusable materials as possible. Using reusable festival cups prevents huge amounts of plastic waste after an event. At Retulp, there is a diverse selection of convenient, unbreakable and reusable festival cups and hardcup festival glasses available. To ensure a circular and waste-free approach, an effective return system, such as a deposit or cup coin, is essential to ensure that cups are actually returned for reuse.

More sustainable future

Together, we can move toward a more sustainable future at hospitality and festival venues. Reusable cups and mugs are not only environmentally friendly, but also offer a unique opportunity to raise awareness about our plastic consumption and litter. By choosing reusable alternatives, we as individuals and businesses can make a significant impact on our planet.

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About Retulp

Retulp is a leader in sustainable alternatives, actively contributing to the reduction of disposable plastic in the hospitality industry and at festivals. Our mission is to make a positive impact on the environment. With a wide range of reusable coffee cups, water bottles, and meal boxes, Retulp offers practical and stylish solutions that meet today's demand for sustainable alternatives. Designed for long-term use, our products help both small cafes and large festivals reduce their carbon footprint. Let's work together for a more sustainable future, where reusable cups and mugs are the norm in hospitality and festivals, and where every drink contributes to a cleaner world. Contact us today using the button below.

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