Zero Waste Week Apeldoorn

Last week Apeldoorn was all about sustainability and waste-free living during the third edition of the Zero Waste Week Apeldoorn. This was organized by the Zero Waste Apeldoorn Foundation and various local organizations. In this blog, we elaborate on Retulp's contribution to this inspiring week full of activities for young and old in the municipality. Find out how our involvement in Zero Waste Week contributes to awareness around sustainability and waste!

Sustainability initiatives during Zero Waste Week

Zero Waste Week Apeldoorn not only offers educational events and activities, but it is also a platform where various sustainability initiatives come together to present their contribution to a greener future. Local businesses and organizations pitch in to promote sustainable products and services that contribute to waste reduction and environmental conservation. It is an opportunity to connect with innovative sustainable solutions and get inspiration for your own lifestyle. Of course, on behalf of Retulp, we support this good sustainable initiative!

Test your knowledge about plastic waste and win sustainable prizes

During Zero Waste Week, we organized an engaging quiz about plastic waste on behalf of Retulp, where participants could win Retulp products. For example, when participating in the quiz, you could win a thermos cup, coffee cup to go or water bottle.

Would you have loved to be here? Good news! Because you will soon be able to participate and win great sustainable prizes. Are you ready to test your knowledge about plastic waste? Starting next week, you can participate in a weekly multiple-choice question via Retulp's Insta and Facebook. With a correct answer, you will receive a 50% discount code for a product of your choice on our webshop. And who knows, maybe you will win the awesome sustainable Retulp package worth €65. This package includes a Retulp drinking bottle, Retulp lunch bag, net bag and Retulp thermos. Learn more about how Retulp contributes to raising awareness about plastic waste reduction and win great prizes at the same time. This way, together we can contribute to a greener world.

Zero Waste with Retulp

By collaborating with events such as Zero Waste Week, we demonstrate the importance of living sustainably. Our actions during this week demonstrate our commitment to the environment. Our mission is simple: to reduce plastic waste worldwide. This fits seamlessly with the core of Zero Waste Week. We want to make sustainability easy for everyone! We do this by offering reusable water bottles, thermos cups and lunch boxes. We offer beautiful, sustainable products that are good for the planet. By choosing reusable products, you contribute to a world without waste. Check out our sustainable products or simply contact us.