New disposable plastics legislation: Solution reusable cups and containers

Solution reusable cups and trays

LCA study most sustainable reusable cup

Abolishing the disposable coffee cup, it may be the hottest topic of conversation at the coffee machine right now. And that has everything to do with the laws and regulations surrounding the elimination of "single use plastics" (SUP). This means that a reusable cup will become the norm in the workplace. And of course Retulp welcomes this wholeheartedly because single-use is outrageous: mission indisposable.

In the Netherlands, 5 million coffee cups are thrown away every day. In the search for the most sustainable coffee cup, the KoffiebekerPact came into being: a collaboration between 67 parties who researched what the most sustainable reusable cup is. This research shows that there is strong support among users for the introduction of reusable cups. On June 27, Retulp attended the launch of the report during the Coffee Cup Knowledge Festival in cooperation with PHI Factory and Facility Management Netherlands.

Retulp cup best tested for office

From the test, 2 heavy PP cups emerged as the best including the Travelcup from Retulp. These have high drinking comfort, good dishwasher washability and low environmental impact. A glass cup emerged as a good number two. For to go, stainless steel cups the bottles are the most durable as these products have by far the longest lifespan.

Best alternative disposable plastic


Coffee mugs on the go of 275 ml. The coffee mugs fit under almost any coffee maker and keep coffee and tea hot for up to 45 minutes!

Bamboo Thermos

Small stainless steel 250ml cups with convenient drinking cap that fit under coffee machine.

Mug thermosbeker

Compact 300ml thermos cup, it fits under most coffee makers and is dishwasher safe.


  • Handy cups for under the coffee machine
  • Perfect for merchandise or own label
  • Low price from 250 pieces

White label means that Retulp 's logo is not on it, so your own logo, brand or print can be printed on it entirely.

Available with or without lids in 200 ml, 300 ml or 400 ml sizes. Microwave and dishwasher safe. Used cups can be handed in for recycling into new cups. Produced in the Netherlands!

Reusable cups with beautiful and convenient ribbing are available with closed lid, with drinking lid or without lid in 200 ml, 300 ml or 400 ml sizes. Microwave and dishwasher safe. Produced in Europe.

Small coffee maker cup, 160ml capacity. Super convenient compact mug for on the go, suitable for 1 cup of coffee or a double espresso. With handy and leak-proof drinking cap. A cheap but nice cup to always have with you.

Cup of veined plastic, 350ml.

Luxury ceramic mug, 330 ml capacity.

Luxury 500ml bamboo thermos cup

Mission Indisposable 2015-2025

200,000,000 liters of drinking water donation
200,000,000 saving disposables

Retulp wants to close the plastic tap and open the drinking water tap again. Mission Indisposable, it's possible!

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