BPA-free Tritan water bottle

Introduced together with our partner Made Blue in September 2021. A tritan 500ml drinking bottle with fun print showing 500 liters of drinking water being donated to developing countries.

Charity water bottle as a sustainable corporate gift

For companies that want to print sustainable drinking bottles and have a limited budget to do so, the Made Blue Tritan is a very suitable alternative. Together with our partner Made Blue, we have developed this affordable drinking bottle that can be printed from 330 pieces upwards.

Made Blue is an enterprising foundation with Anbi status that has realised almost 8 billion liters of clean drinking water in developing countries since its foundation. Made Blue invests transparently in water projects in countries where it is badly needed.

Leak-proof water bottle as a Christmas gift or during events

This durable Tritan drinking bottle with large convenient screw top holds 500 ml. Tritan drinking bottles have a longer life than other plastic water bottles. This way you make a positive contribution to reducing the waste stream. Tritan is light, strong, impact-resistant and BPA-free.

This drink bottle is 100% leak-proof, so you can carry the drink bottle in your bag without worry. The 500 ml capacity is great for general daily use - to take to work, study or school. Available with white, black or blue cap.

  • 100% leakproof thanks to the leakproof screw closure - ideal to take with you
  • Made of Tritan plastic, unbreakable and free from harmful substances
  • The cup is naturally BPA-free and contains no harmful substances. 100% hassle-free and harmless.