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Get to know Retulp’s sustainable, stylish and strong products.

The fight for sustainability

Disposables have no place in our view of the future. We therefore combine this ideal with decisiveness in the form of sustainable products. From drinking bottles to recycled bags — each and every one of our products contributes to a better world for people, animals and the environment. Are you looking for honest products for your own shop or do you want to develop a promotional gift that puts your brand first? Discover which products best suit your mission and get inspired!

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Sustainable bags

Bags are true utensils as much as they are style items. But they’re still mostly produced from scarce raw materials and end up as waste after having done service. There’s a need for an alternative. A drastic one. Our sustainable bag line is made from upcycled materials. Think, for example, of tarpaulin, car tires and seat belts or PET bottles. These materials are perfectly reusable for other purposes, but are often simply discarded to be labeled as worthless. Our durable bags are proof that the opposite is true. There are endless possibilities and we use them all.

Gift sets

A unique gift makes a world of difference. Think about it: if you receive a promotional gift that has a place in every goodie bag or promotional bag, chances are you already have one on your shelf. And where does this gift end up? Right, next to the other four identical ones in the back of the kitchen cupboard. To be unique as a company, you have to think outside the box. Yet keep it inside the box, in our case. With our beautiful gift sets you give your relations or employees a box filled with sustainability. Put together your own gift set for every occasion and surprise your environment with added value. For yourself, for another and for the world.


Want to know more about our products?

Do you have questions about our products, such as the production process or the materials? Please don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re happy to tell you more and meet people who are just as enthusiastic about sustainability as we are.

    Urban single-walled drink bottle 500ml / 750mlUrban double-walled Thermos 500mlTumbler double-walled Thermos 300mlBambu double-walled Thermos 250ml / 350ml / 450mlLimited edition Fusion bottlesBio-Bidon 500ml / 750mlTravelCups 250mlLunch boxesLunch bags / Lunch wrapsBigMug 500ml double-walled ThermosBiodrup Bio drink bottle 500mlTritan 500ml MadeBlue drink bottle