Warm days are just around the corner: check out 8 cool tips!

Very hot days are approaching with temperatures reaching 31 degrees. Drinking well is very important on these days. Here are 8 handy tips to get through these days cool and well.

Pack it double-walled

Just as double-walled tea glasses keep your tea hot for a long time, they also work to keep things cold. Even better when you fill the double-walled layer with ice or ice-cold water. And it's actually quite simple.

Double-walled bottles and lunch products are a godsend for this. There is vacuum drawn air between the two walls. This keeps the contents of the bottle from coming into contact with the temperature outside the bottle. This also applies to heat, so you can also use a thermos to keep your drinks cool in the summer.

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Freezing in advance

Perhaps a bit obvious, but frozen products are less likely to heat up. Put your sandwiches, drinks and snacks in the freezer the night before. If you keep them frozen in your cooler bag you are assured of a better chilled snack during your day out.

In addition, you can add cooling elements in your cooler bag to ensure your food and drinks stay cold even longer.

Dig a pit

If you don't have a good cooler bag, dig a pit. It can't be done easily everywhere, but in many places it can be done. Dig a pit and store your things to keep cool in here. The ground is usually a lot cooler still and the sun can't reach it. It's nice to put everything in a plastic bag, though, so everything doesn't get covered in sand.

Use a wet cloth

Wet cloths, socks, kitchen paper or, if necessary, newspapers work very well. The water evaporates, and while evaporating, heat is extracted from the product that needs to be kept cool, such as a bottle of water.

You get the best results if your wrapped package is in a drafty spot out of the sun. So nice and shady, and preferably in the wind.

Use a cooler bag with cooling elements

A nice sturdy cooler bag or a recycled cooler bag works best to keep your lunch and drinks cold. It is scientifically proven that cooler bags keep cold a lot longer than a regular bag. So an indispensable part of a fun and cool day away. Make sure you choose a cooler bag that suits you well. Check out this blog for 5 tips on buying a durable cooler bag that suits you.

Hang a bag in the water

If you choose to bring a normal shopping bag anyway, hang it in where you can, in the water. Going to a beach, lake, creek or other waterfront spot? Then put everything that needs to stay cool in a grocery bag and hang it in the water. If necessary, don't forget to bring a piece of rope so the bag doesn't float off. The water will keep everything wonderfully cool.

Use a thermos or thermos bottle

Many people immediately think of a thermos or jug when they think of carrying coffee or tea. But a thermos can also be used perfectly well for cold drinks! Even if you leave your thermos in the full sun, the drink in the bottle stays cold for a very long time.

Tip: Think carefully about the duration of your day out. Make sure you take enough water with you and also adjust your thermos or thermos jug accordingly. Check out our thermos here.

Fill a bucket with ice cubes and salt water

Do you stay a little closer to home and fancy a cold drink? Then fill a bucket with ice cubes and don't forget to add salt. Salt speeds up the cooling process through a chemical reaction. And did you know that the salt also lowers the freezing point of the water? So this allows the water to get even colder.

Fill a bucket, cooler or other object to cool your goodies in. Fill this with ice, cold water and salt and you're ready to keep your goodies cool!

Hot days are upon us: check out 8 cool tips! We hope you benefited from our cooling 8 tips!

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Warm days are just around the corner: check out 8 cool tips!