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Who wouldn't want a nice Tumbler thermos flask? DeSeizoenen already have this Tumbler! Check out their awesome design and artwork!

DeSeizoenen offer living and working communities for people with intellectual disabilities, multiple disabilities and / or behavioural problems.

They support people to develop to their fullest potential and work from an anthroposophical inspiration. They look at the possibilities, talents and wishes of clients and take these into account his or her disability.

A very nice Dutch organization which has 6 different locations spread out over the east of the Netherlands.

We are very proud that we were able to supply a beautiful Tumbler for this organization. The Deep Ocean Blue Tumbler was the thermos flask which they have chosen. A thermos flask which has a luxurious design. The thermos flask gradually tapers in the middle, making it comfortable to carry in your hand. In addition, it is equipped with a tea strainer that can be used for fresh tea leaves. This is the perfect thermos flask for the real tea lover. With a capacity of 300 ml, it is also suitable for taking a healthy smoothies to work. Furthermore, the Tumbler has a strong and matte powder coating which is perfect to personalize through printing or engraving.

This artwork shows exactly how versatile the Tumbler is. The Tumbler has an engraving on the outside of the bottle. With the text, DeSeizoenen and their logo. In addition, the logo is returned on the cap of the Tumbler through a full color doming. This gives the thermos an even more luxurious look.

Do you also want such a beautiful business card for your company? Or do you want to make your colleagues or relations happy with this beautiful thermos flask? DeSeizoenen are so content and happy with this flask, that they have placed a repeat order!

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