World Water Day 2022!

Tuesday, March 22 is in the context of water, because it is World Water Day! A day established by the UN to the global water problems under the attention. On this day various events and actions are organized. In 2015 this resulted in the largest one-day river cleaning action. Hundreds of volunteers cleaned the 140km long Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie from Wekendam to Muiderslot.

At Retulp this day is also in the context of water, through the organization Made Blue, for each bottle sold 1000x the content is donated to clean drinking water in developing countries. We are proud to announce that last year we donated 16.152.106 liters of clean drinking water. Together we have given 1207 people access to clean and safe drinking water. A result to be proud of! We hope to exceed this number in the coming year. Would you like to know more about our charities? Then go to this page.

Made Blue Certification through 2022 - Retulp