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Refill Ambassadors & Retulp, refill to fulfill

Dopper, Klean Kanteen, Retulp, Mizu, Camelbak. All these brands have designed their own bottle, but share the same goal: to reduce single-use plastics around the world. You might have read my blog about my BFF, my Best Bottle Forever. A bottle you always carry with you and want to keep refilling. I was curious to learn […]

Festivals and plastic cups

Every year 700 festivals are organized in the Netherlands, which together attract over 21 million visitors. Unfortunately, it causes also a huge amount of waste. On average, 2.33 kilograms of waste per person remains on the festival site. Hundreds of millions of disposable plastic cups are used at festivals, 99% of which are not recycled. […]

Retulps Guilty Plastic Pleasures

Every week, Retulp places a ‚Guilty Plastic Pleasure’, a confession from one of us or from a partner of Retulp. Curious about what we mean by a ‘Guilty Plastic Pleasure’and why we do it? Then read along!   What is a Guilty Plastic Pleasure? Although we have seen the term pass by somewhere on social […]

Have you already heard of the #Trashtag?

Via Facebook we came across a new phenomenon, the “trashtag”which revolves around cleaning up litter. Very good of course! Below we explain what this challenge entails, but especially why we at Retulp hope that this kind of initiatives will become unnecessary! #Trashtag The ‘Trashtag Challenge’ is a trend, which currently goes by on social media. […]

Vacationtip: Water abroad

Filling your re-usable bottle in the Netherlands under the tap is nice and handy; you don’t have to go to the store for clean, fresh and delicious water which saves time, energy and also a lot of plastic. On a vacation abroad is this very different. In Europe, the water is also often drinkable, although […]