In addition to the fact that a cooler bag is of course very practical, it is also the ideal logo carrier for your company or association. It is a promotional gift that will be used frequently, it does not end at the bottom of the cupboard! Another added benefit is that many people see the logo on the bag, as a cooler bag is often used in crowded public places.

As a company or association, you want to give a promotional gift that will ultimately be used by the person who receives the gift. If a promotional gift is not used or is even thrown away immediately, it is a waste and bad for the environment. The gift should be functional and used a lot. A cooler bag is a gift that will be used a lot, especially in the summer. When you choose to have a logo printed on the bag, you can be sure that it will be seen.

This year Retulp will also get two cooler bag lines. Cooler bags which are made of sustainable materials. The Fridgebag line, which are made from recycled refrigerators. This line contains two models, a lunch bag and a backpack. We also have the Mission Edition cooler bags. A cooler bag line in full Ocean Blue color, which was developed in collaboration with Club Kakatua. A shopper,  bicycle bag and backpack, which is ideal for a trip to the beach or to the supermarket.