Vacationtip: Water abroad

Filling your re-usable bottle in the Netherlands under the tap is nice and handy; you don’t have to go to the store for clean, fresh and delicious water which saves time, energy and also a lot of plastic. On a vacation abroad is this very different. In Europe, the water is also often drinkable, although it has a little aftertaste sometimes, but oh well…think of all the benefits! During my holiday in Thailand, tap water was definitely not an option, so what to do as a conscious tourist?

In many hotels, but also at other places, such as the self-launderette, there are waterdispensers. Filling a little bottle may not be very economical, but once you have purchased a large gallon bottle, you can use it for the entire vacation. A 5-liter bottle costs around 100bath (3euros) in the stores and only 5bath from the machine. So much cheaper than buying a new one and again single-use plastic is minimized in the world!

Ofcourse you have to drink a lot more in the tropics than in the Netherlands. If necessary, you wil be a little bit less hip without our bottles but you can refill one and a half liter bottles in this way. This is the vacation-tip from Retulp!