Make your Poke Bowl on the go zero-waste too!

Super trendy, healthy and delicious, Poke Bowls! Almost everywhere you can score a Poke Bowl. However, this is often not only an attack on your wallet, but also not too good for the environment. Most Poke Bowls are of course packed in plastic containers. But this can be much more sustainable, cheaper and perhaps even tastier.

Make your Poke Bowl on the go zero-waste too! If you want to enjoy a delicious Poke Bowl zero-waste, you can easily make it yourself. Boil the rice and let it cool, then add all the things you like in a Poke Bowl. It will be your own taste, as vegetarian as you like and always in your budget. To make it easy to take your Poke Bowl to go, Retulp has several options. You can of course use one of our lunch boxes, which are easy to use and will always fit in your bag. And a box offers enough space for a nice lunch.

But of course, such a trendy Poke Bowl à la yourself deserves a trendy container! So try the Big Mug Premium. This Mug not only looks super nice, it also has a thermos function. So whether you take your bowl to the office or the beach, it will stay cool for up to 8 hours! The Big Mug also has a handy holder with a spoon inside, so you're ready to eat when you get hungry. Imagine the envious glances from your colleagues or friends!

And all this without the use of disposable plastic. You are not only healthy and trendy but also
responsible. The sea is grateful! Our Big Mug Premium comes in four stylish colors.

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