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Have you already heard of the #Trashtag?

Via Facebook we came across a new phenomenon, the “trashtag”which revolves around cleaning up litter. Very good of course! Below we explain what this challenge entails, but especially why we at Retulp hope that this kind of initiatives will become unnecessary!


The ‘Trashtag Challenge’ is a trend, which currently goes by on social media. People place two pictures under each other under the #Trashtag. The picture on the top illustrates a person in a place, for example a beach, forest or roadside that is heavily polluted by litter. On the second picture, you see the same person surrounded by garbage bags that are filled with litter. The polluted place has been cleaned up!

International success

After some research, the #Trashtag turns out not to be a new phenomenon. The American outdoor brand UCO launched the term as early as 2015, to encourage people to clean up litter what they found on their hike or camping trip. But only last weekend the term became known worldwide because of users on Instagram and Reddit. Meanwhile, 24.000 messages have already been posted on Instagram with this hashtag.

Prevention is better than recycling

Let’s start with the fact that these types of initiatives are of course fantastic and a big applause for everyone who participates, even without # or social media. Waste doesn’t belong in nature, where it can harm animals, plants and humans. Unfortunately, the people who roll up their sleeves to clean up the waste are probably not the same people who initially threw the waste down.

The solution, of course, is not only about cleaning up the waste, but especially about preventing it. Retulp’s motto is not for nothing: ‘Prevention is better than recycling’. The cleaned up waste must also be processed and destroyed.

We are very enthusiastic about these kind of great initiatives, but we also hope that it will no longer be necessary in the future. And in the meantime, we bring a garbage bag on our weekly walk!