Cristiane and Coby will give Retulp international sustainable allure

Retulp has been supplying sustainable drinking bottles and thermos flasks as an alternative to disposable bottles and cups since 2015. From this autumn, the range will be expanded to include more products that will help reduce waste. New thermos cups and lunch products that are easy to use and have an attractive design.

Cristiane and Coby started working for Retulp in July with the aim of bringing these new products to the European market and designing even more new products. Below is a short introduction of both of them:

Cristiane en Coby

Cristiane Figueredo

Born in Rio de Janeiro/Brazil, I worked in the fashion industry in the Netherlands for more than 10 years, organising and creating concepts for fashion events. Before that I worked at the Telegraaf and Philips. Why Retulp: Design. I have passion for beautiful products and I like the products of Retulp very much. My favourite: the new Retulp BigMug. I want to make sure we work together with other beautiful fashion brands and sustainable companies from other industries to make the collection even more innovative and beautiful.

Coby Bruin

At the moment I live in a small village in the Veluwe, but I am very internationally minded. My mother is from Ireland and my father is Dutch. For my education, I studied and worked internationally in New Zealand and Ireland.

I have also made several long trips to Australia, Chile, Argentina, Indonesia, Scandinavia and Switzerland. By visiting these beautiful places, my passion for nature conservation and the importance of living as sustainably as possible has grown.

The combination of the mission and sustainable nature of the products is what appeals to me most in my work at Retulp. I also enjoy thinking creatively with our customers. I like to use my creativity in making beautiful custom bottles for our customers. Besides that I will be busy with the development of new products and collections. And hopefully by doing so Retulp will get an international sustainable allure.