Back to school: five real must-haves

From sustainable drinking bottle to sustainable cooler backpack.

It is a fact that you need a lot of stuff for children. But when your children are of primary school age, you have to think about completely different things, such as school supplies. For a productive and educational day it is important to drink and eat well. This often involves single-use plastic. Below are the five must-haves that prevent single-use plastic, from sustainable drinking bottle to sustainable backpack.

Reusable water bottle

We see plastic single-use bottles all too often in schools. Of course a good step that there is now also a deposit on small bottles. However, time and again new bottles are bought and therefore produced. A reusable water bottle is the solution to this problem. Tip! Go for a stainless steel bottle, these can take a beating and therefore you can enjoy it for a long time.

Reusable lunch wraps

Plastic sandwich bags are used daily and not reused. This makes it a real polluter. A pity because nowadays there are plenty of alternatives to easily and sustainably take your sandwiches with you. Take the cotton lunch wraps for example. Easy to wash out and reuse.

Reusable lunch box

The reusable lunch box is another alternative to take your sandwiches with you. In addition, you can not only transport sandwiches here. But also a tasty salad or pizza. When purchasing a lunch box, make sure that it is made of material that is easy to clean and which can take a beating. This way you can enjoy it longer and you contribute to the plastic problem.

Sustainable food pod

Would you like to take a tasty soup or yogurt to school? Then the Big Mug is a solution. A stainless steel food pod that does not retain unpleasant odors or flavors. Besides being usable again and again, it is also very stylish.

Durable cool backpack

A nice backpack is of course priority 1 for school-age children. You would prefer a backpack in which you can store your books, lunch and laptop. Tip! Go for a nice cool backpack so that your lunch will also stay nice and cold. The Mission Edition cooler backpack is the perfect backpack for!