Retulp stainless steel thermos flask: the most beautiful eco business gift

Does your organisation want to make a positive contribution to a better environment and the reduction of the plastic soup? The stainless steel thermos mug with removable tea filter/fruit filter can be printed with your logo and is the best eco business gift for yourself, others and the planet!

Convenient 300ml stainless steel thermos flasks

Made of durable stainless steel with removable tea filter. BPA-free, easy to clean; capacity 300ml. Keeps coffee/tea 6 hours hot or smoothies 8 hours cold; ideal coffee mug to go;

Competitive all-in price (without additional costs) compared to other reusable thermos flasks and coffee cups;

Environmentally friendly alternative to disposable cups and each Retulp thermos cup ensures that 1000 times its content in drinking water is donated to developing countries.

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Stainless steel thermos mug with logo

Elegant Retulp Tumbler thermos flasks with which you can be seen and which save you mountains of disposable bottles and cups. Printed or engraved from 48 pieces with a maximum delivery time of two weeks (earlier is often possible in consultation). The price varies, depending on the number of items, from € 11.75 to € 18.50. These are all-in prices, only VAT is added; so including 1 colour imprint/engraving, setting costs, transport costs, handling costs and including a donation of 1000 times the content of each Retulp bottle to clean drinking water in developing countries.

Surprise your staff / employees with a personal gift like this beautiful 300ml Tumbler Thermos Cup.