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Retulps Guilty Plastic Pleasures

Every week, Retulp places a ‚Guilty Plastic Pleasure’, a confession from one of us or from a partner of Retulp. Curious about what we mean by a ‘Guilty Plastic Pleasure’and why we do it? Then read along!


What is a Guilty Plastic Pleasure?

Although we have seen the term pass by somewhere on social media, the name came up during a brainstorm. It is a disposable plastic confession, but then Guilty Plastic Pleasure sounds better (;.The confession is about the use of a certain disposable plastic, for which we know deep down that a (good) alternative exists. Out of laziness, thoughtlessness or habit, we are nevertheless “guilty” of the use of single-use plastics.


Why do we want to share them?

The most important reason is that we want to show that we are not perfect. Even though we are striving for a world without disposable plastic and offering good alternatives, sometimes we also become “guilty” of it. Moreover, it does not mean that if you cannot “do without” disposable plastic, you do not have to use any alternatives. If you don’t feel or have the time to go shopping without packaging, you can use a reusable water bottle, for example. Does it bother you sometimes when you think about how much single-use plastic you use and how you could replace it all? Just start with something small and who knows where you will end op. Every bit helps!


“Out of laziness, thoughtlessness or habit, we are “guilty”of using single-use plastics.”

GPP’s of Retulpers

And what are our Guilty Plastic Pleasures? Pieter, our business manager, is a real coffee addict. At the office he drinks neatly from a mug, but on the way it often comes down to a cardboard cup (with plastic lid). Or Richard, the Big Boss, who feels a little bit guilty about the umpteenth beer from a plastic cup at festivals. Our colleague Robert has collected a lot of cotton bags at home, but always forgets to take them to the supermarket.


Alternatives of disposable

Retulp offers an alternative to plastic water bottles and disposable cups for coffee or tea. But have you ever thought of, for example, getting your bread in a cotton bread bag or transporting your fruit and vegetables loose in special tidies? Or use bamboo swabs instead of normal ones?


Sometimes the solution is simply looking for an alternative. The packaging industry has completely unleashed on some products, maybe you can leave these products and choose for something else.


We are also very curious to your Guilty Plastic Pleasure or solution! Let us know via a message on Instagram or use the #GuiltyPlasticPleasure.