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As a fellow Dutch company, Tulp Mortgages has chosen our beautiful Retulp Urban bottle. Curious about their design? Take a look further.

Every homeowner has to deal with it, picking the right mortgage. This can be quite a search, especially now that mortgage rates are rising. Tulp Mortgages offer mortgages with a fixed low interest rate. In addition, they have various mortgage forms, so you can find the right mortgage for your situation.

Tulp Hypotheken is a Dutch mortgage company. They only offer mortgages for the purchase or renovation of an existing home. With their headquarters located in Utrecht, they are centrally located in the Netherlands. For the launch of their newest mortgage form, Tulp Riant Hypotheek, they were looking for a nice giveaway.

Tulp Hypotheken has chosen our beautiful white Urban 500ml single-walled water bottle. By means of all-round digital printing, the tulip logo was printed on the front and back of the bottle in their own house style color. This printing technique is perfect for larger artwork. The bottle can be printed completely seamlessly. There are no restrictions on the number of colors that can be used in the artwork. The ideal printing technique if you would like to have a photo or colorful design on your bottle. Are you curious about the possibilities for your company? Request our price list by filling out the form below.

Are you looking for a drinking bottle that is also suitable for hot drinks? No problem! The model, Urban, is also available in a thermos variant. The double-walled bottle is not only suitable for keeping hot drinks, such as tea and coffee, warm. But also to keep cold drinks cold even longer! In addition, the cap is equipped with a handy carrying ring, so you can easily take it with you.

Read more about our double-walled bottles here.

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Retulp X Tulp Mortgages Retulp X Tulp Mortgages