Thermos mugs to go for smoothies, coffee & tea

Are you always on the road? Then it is good and sensible to drink enough. When you travel a lot with single-use bottles or cups, you unconsciously produce a lot of plastic waste. This plastic is increasingly finding its way into almost every ecosystem and causing major damage. Turn the tide and use a Retulp thermos cup from now on. A nice Retulp thermos cup means drinking water for others in developing countries and less plastic waste for the planet. A Retulp thermos bottle is made of durable and 100% recyclable material and comes in several varieties.

Thermos cups to go or at the office

Retulp stainless steel thermos flasks are made to carry and keep coffee, tea or smoothies at the right temperature. The Tumblers keep coffee and tea hot for up to 6 hours and smoothies cold for up to 8! These cool thermos flasks come in two types: 300ml Tumblers in 14 colours and the 250ml & 400ml Bambu. Which one is your favourite? Get inspired and take a look at the different pictures of our products to determine which thermos cup suits you best.

Retulp koffiebeker relatiegeschenk eco
Retulp Tumbler sneeuw

On the road or at work

The Retulp Tumbler Thermos is an elegant thermos bottle in a handy and compact format. The bottle is easy to take with you, for example to work or on the road. The tea strainer is handy if you want to add tea, herbs or fruit. For example, put hot water and tea or ginger in the Tumbler and then place the sieve, so that the tea leaves or herbs remain in the Tumbler thermos. The same can easily be done with cold water and fruit.

  • This travel mug has a capacity of 300 ml and is double-walled for excellent temperature insulation.
  • The easy-twist cap contains a separate tea filter.
  • This thermos jug is made of high-quality recycled steel that has been processed in the most environmentally-friendly way possible.
  • Due to the insulating effect of this double-walled travel mug, your hot drinks will stay hot for 6 hours and cold drinks such as smoothies will stay cold for 8 hours.
  • This tastefully designed thermos jug comes in a number of trendy colour combinations.

Thermos mug as a gift

A thermos cup is not only nice to have, it is also a very nice gift to give. That way you have a sustainable and unique gift that is also of use to someone. How nice is that? Besides buying a thermos cup from us, we also offer other items such as drinking bottles and lunch boxes.

Een thermos beker is niet alleen fijn om zelf te hebben, het is ook nog eens een superleuk geschenk om cadeau te geven. Zo heb je een duurzaam en uniek cadeau waar iemand ook nog eens iets aan heeft. Hoe leuk is dat?! Naast dat je bij ons een thermosbeker kunt kopen, bieden we ook andere items aan, zoals drinkflessen en lunchboxen.