The BIO Sports Bottle: The first BIO-BASED Sports Bottle in the world

BPA free biobased sports bottle

A unique product from our range of products is the bio sports bottle. With this bio sports bottle, you support a healthy and active lifestyle, and you contribute to a cleaner environment. This bio sports bottle does not taste and smell like plastic in comparison to regular plastic sports bottles, and of course, it’s BPA free.

Environmentally friendly

The bio sports bottle is produced in an environmentally friendly way. During the production, we do not use scarce fossil fuels, but the renewable raw material sugar cane. When sugar cane grows, it absorbs a lot of CO2 and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. All processed materials are food safe and can be completely recycled. You can use the bio sports bottle for more than just during your workout, such as instead of PET drinking bottles when you’re on the go.


Made from biobased plastic (sugar cane)


Sugar cane absorbs a lot of CO2 and reduces greenhouse gas emissions




The bottle is completely recyclable


750ml – Also available in 500ml


Suitable for in the dishwasher


High quality of sustainable raw materials

Here is a sports bottle produced out of sugar cane based raw materials

We use the renewable raw material sugar cane that absorbs CO2 and lowers green house gas emission. Of course all materials used are food safe and fully recyclable.

Organic bottle made in the Netherlands

Healthier sports with the Retulp bottle made of bioplastic. With this bio sports bottle you support a healthy and sporty lifestyle and at the same time care for the environment. People can see that! The bottle has a very good quality and can withstand light, heat and moisture! The Retulp organic water bottle can be filled with 750cc of water. The beautiful bottle fits into every bottle holder and is very easy to use.

Printed bio sports bottles as a promotional gift or for sports clubs

We use the renewable raw material sugar cane that absorbs CO2 and lowers greenhouse gas emission. Of course all materials used within Retulp products are food safe and fully recyclable.

This is one of the latest achievements by which Retulp further fulfils its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy.

Acting in an environmentally responsible way means that one uses products that can be repeatedly used, remain in good shape and after a long lifecycle can be recycled in commonly known recycling programs for plastics.

The functional characteristics of natural resource plastic are similar to plastics from petrochemical resources.

The advantages of bio-based plastic (from renewable resources)
* Properties identical to plastic from petrochimicals
* A plastic material 87% vegetable
* A crop that does not require a lot of water and does not encroach on farmland
* A simple manufacturing process with a much better environmental record

– (the production of 1 tonne of biobased plastic including the cultivation of sugar cane)

100% Recyclable
All our bottles are made from raw materials that are 100% recyclable.

100% Foodgrade
All Retulp products have passed European regulations and directives on food-safety. Our production plant is accredited according to the ISO22000 standard.

100% Non leaking
Our bottle cap is waterproof, designed to prevent any leakage.

100% Made in Holland
All our Retulp products are made entirely in the Netherlands, which is the best guarantee for protecting our European economy and ensuring the traceability of our products.

Request a free digital proof and price overview and you will get a good idea of ​​the various options. Do you have any questions? Then you can of course also contact us. We are happy to help you further.

Biobased sports bottle

Ideas and inspiration about printed sustainable drinking bottles & thermoses

“Fantastic design! The bottle fits well in the hand and coffee stays warm.”

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“High-quality products from a company with a clear and social vision!”

Michiel van der NeutCompany: Radisson Blu Hotel Amsterdam Airport

“Super nice Dutch product with clear ambition: reducing plastic bottles and giving back drinking water. It always starts with 1 step in the right direction and I think that Retulp is making big steps. In addition, top service and quality product so I am very satisfied!”

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Mariska BerrevoetsCompany: Stichting Grasnapolsky Festivals

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