New in our range: Bee Wraps!

From now on you can avoid even more waste with the new Bee Wraps that Retulp has included in its range!

New in our range: Bee Wraps! A Bee Wrap is made of certified organic cotton with a wax coating consisting of beeswax, natural resin and jojoba oil. These wraps are ideal both in the kitchen and on the road to prevent food waste and the use of single-use plastics and therefore fit completely into a zero waste lifestyle. Of course they are also completely suitable for when zero waste goes a bit too far but you certainly want to contribute to reducing waste.

Wrap your lunch in a Bee Wrap, or store cheese or your homemade cake in a wrap instead of aluminum or cling film. You can store leftover food very well by covering your dishes with a Bee Wrap and your partly used fruits or vegetables will also remain fresh longer when you wrap them in a bee wrap. Using the Bee Wrap is very easy, simply warm the wrap between your hands, this is easiest to do by making a ball of it first. The wax then becomes more flexible so the wrap can be easily folded around everything you want to store.

New in our range: Bee Wraps!

Personalization options

The natural wax layer of the Bee Wrap leaves no unpleasant odors or tastes. After use, simply clean the wrap under the tap, let it hang to dry and the wrap is ready to use again. The wrap lasts about a year and is 100% biodegradable afterwards! Just imagine how much disposable material you can save with just one wrap!

Retulp offers the wrap in 3 different sizes. They can be personalized with an all-over full color print. This can of course be a logo, but also a self-designed pattern. We are happy to inform you about all the possibilities!