Mission Edition Cooler Bags

In stock from July 2022, the Mission Edition Cooler Bags! These cooler bags were developed in collaboration with Club Kakatua, initiative of Dennis Storm. For each cooler bag sold, a donation is made to the Stop the Trash project. This project ensures that plastic Barriers are placed in rivers in Indonesia. These Barriers ensure that single use plastics are filtered out of the river before they reach the ocean. In addition, the local population is provided with employment opportunities. So with a Retulp Mission Edition cooler bag, you have something for yourself, for another person and for the planet.

Mission Edition Bicycle Cooler Bag

With this multifunctional bicycle cool bag ME Bicycle Cooler Bag you can go either way. The cooler bag is made of sturdy twill nylon material and is finished with luxurious YKK zippers. It features a spacious interior compartment with a bottle pocket where a laptop, groceries or things for a day out fit. On the front there is a pocket where you can put your keys, phone or cards. The cooler bag has a reinforced back with clips making it easy to attach to the rack or shopping cart. Finally, the cooler bag has tulip reflectors on the sides making you highly visible in traffic.

Mission Edition Cooler Backpack

The ME Cooler Backpack is a sturdy backpack which is very comfortable. With the adjustable shoulder straps you can adjust this backpack exactly to your needs. The cooler bag is equipped with 5 mm foam which keeps your food and drinks well cool. Made of very strong twill nylon material and YKK zippers. In addition, the cooler bag is large enough to fit a laptop, so also perfect for an office day. The front features a convenient front pocket that makes it easy to store your keys or phone. The bag also features a bottle pocket on the side, making it easy to access your water bottle.

Mission Edition Cooler Shopper

If you are looking for a convenient and stylish shopper then this is the cooler bag for you. A large format cooler bag that is made of material that can take a beating. The 2 handles make the cooler easy and comfortable to carry, both in your hand and on your shoulder. The inside of the bag is equipped with 3 mm foam which keeps your food and drinks cold. The PEVA matte lining gives the cooler bag a luxurious look. It is also easy to clean. The front pocket ensures that you can easily reach your bonus card in the supermarket.